Grimm season 5
Grimm season 5 premieres on 30 October on NBC NBC

The season 5 premiere of Grimm will find Nick Burkhardt in a mess after losing his girlfriend, Juliette and his mother. Episode 1 titled, The Grimm Identity, will air on Friday, 30 October at 9pm EST on NBC Network.

The synopsis of the premiere episode reads as follows:

In a new promo, Nick is seen lashing out at Hank over Juliette's death, and tells him that Trubel has been abducted. A dishevelled Nick tells Hank, "Juliette was here last night trying to kill me. She would have too, but Trubel shot her." To which, a shocked Hank questions, "Trubel killed Juliette?"

"Yeah, with a crossbow," replies the Grimm and adds, "I was holding her when she died." Then, Hank tries to console the Wesen killer and asks him to take it easy. Nick then explains, "We got hit, they came in from everywhere. They grabbed Trubel. I tried to stop them, they drugged me. When I woke up, Juliette's body was gone, my mom's head, and they took everything. Even the crossbow." And unconvinced Hank then asks, "Why?"

The Wesen killer replies, "So there would be no evidence of what they did, or that Trubel was ever here." Hank, then asks, if it was done by the Royals, but The Grimm says that if it was indeed the Royals he would be dead by now, but points out that FBI agent Chavez has something to do with it.

Although, Hank feels that none of this is making any sense, Nick stresses that Chavez kidnapped Trubel earlier as well, to see if she was a Grimm. Nick tells Hank that Chavez is a part of a secret group that wants to use her to help them go after the Wesens.