GTA 5 DLC: Pink Slip Racing, Mansions and Nitrous Boost (NOS) on Wishlist for 1.13 Update
GTA 5 DLC: Pink Slip Racing, Mansions and Nitrous Boost (NOS) on Wishlist for 1.13 Update

Discerning GTA 5 gamers have for long been churning out long wishlists for the highly-anticipated 1.13 update for GTA Online.

One such gamer and tipster, Granty, has shed some light on the most awaited features that he would like to see in the upcoming 1.13 update.

Here is the list of ideas shared by Granty as part of the most-wanted wishlist for 1.13 update in GTA Online:

  • First on the list is GTA 5 High-Life DLC, which is expected to feature high-end apartments, mansions and garages (click to read more) along with the special ability to own multiple properties in GTA Online.
  • Right up on the wishlist are the mansions worth about $1m to $2m, as there is an overwhelming demand for luxurious houses and apartments in GTA Online.
  • The tipster wishes Rockstar should include new apartments and garages all around the whole map and not just in Los Santos city area, as this would actually help people invest their time enjoying the locales around the map while not being restricted to Los Santos city.
  • Next up on the wishlist is the NOS mod or the Nitrous boost upgrade via Los Santos Customs (LSC) which will add a competitive edge and make all racing events more exciting in GTA Online.
  • The NOS upgrade could actually be paired with Pink-Slip racing for providing an exhilarating experience to GTA 5 Online gamers.

With a handful of new Super cars already in the racing lineup following the 1.12 update, the Pink-Slips racing would be apt for rival racers wagering on their most-cherished Super cars in GTA Online, instead of a dull and boring traditional payout system based on leaderboard rankings.

The NOS upgrade coupled with slipstream racing should pave the way for some serious high-speed manoeuvres that will make GTA Online much more appealing to the masses.

Do let us know your very own wishlist for the upcoming 1.13 update in the comments section below.