Contrary to fan expectations, Rockstar has further delayed the release of the 1.13 update and Heists DLC for GTA 5 Online, following widespread speculation that the next title update would arrive on 22 April.

Discerning GTA 5 tipster, Granty, has once again shed some light on the impending release of 1.13 update and Heists DLC by explaining the reasons for the delay and the most likely release date for the same.

Why Rockstar Delayed the Release of 1.13 Update?

Here are some strong reasons why Rockstar has delayed the release of 1.13 update for GTA 5 Online:

  • Rockstar has not updated the Newswire section for about five days, while history suggestes the game developer often updates its official website within 3 days maximum.
  • This unusual gap in the timeline hints that Rockstar is clearly planning the release of High-Life DLC and/or Heists DLC very soon.
  • With 1.12 update mostly featuring bug-fixes and improvements to the game, the 1.13 update is likely to include both the Heists and High-Life DLCs as most money glitches and RP glitches are already patched up by Rockstar.
  • The game breaking glitch with the Content Creator tool in GTA Online that allowed gamers to buy anything for free via 'Freeze Money' exploit has also been hot-fixed by the game developer just a couple of days ago. This is another strong reason why the highly-anticipated 1.13 update could not be released in time for GTA Online.

When Will the 1.13 Update Actually Come Out?

It is likely that Rockstar will be fixing more such glitches in the 1.13 update, which is most likely to release on 29 April as it falls on a Tuesday (a favourite day for Rockstar to release its big game title updates and DLC releases).

In the worst case, expect the 1.13 update along with Heists DLC content for GTA Online to be released on 6 May, which is exactly two weeks after the initial speculated release date of 22 April.

The tipster concludes that he is "pretty sure" about Rockstar releasing the 1.13 update on or before 6 May as it gives developers ample time to fix all the glitches and lay the platform for the next major title update in the form of said DLCs for GTA Online.

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