GTA 5 Online players have been recently exploiting the 'Freeze Money' or 'Buy Anything for Free' glitch found in the new Content Creator that was released by Rockstar as part of the latest 1.12 title update.

Consequently, the game developer had disabled the Content Creator following large scale glitch exploitation by several discerning gamers in GTA Online.

The glitch reportedly allowed players to purchase anything in GTA Online without spending a single dollar from their account. It is reported that the bug was activated by creating and then quitting a deathmatch in multiplayer mode.

Check out the video depicting the glitch in action:

According to Cinemablend, some players still managed to find a backdoor to use the Creator in spite of the shut-down which allowed them to keep using the freeze money exploit.

Various YouTube videos depicting the glitch in action (even after disabling content creator) are making waves on the internet. Here is a typical example:

Rockstar has now patched up the glitch which allowed players to buy everything for free in GTA Online. So, players who felt cheated by hackers and exploiters can now rest assured that they are no longer exposed to unfair gameplay in GTA Online.

Rockstar is yet to reveal its actions towards curbing online exploitation with such glitches, as it is likely to penalise offenders and cheaters like it did in the past.

As the details of the cheats were freely available over YouTube, Reddit and other social networking sites, it has become a widespread menace with millions of gamers misusing the ill-gotten cash.

Consequently, Rockstar is expected to remove the illegal purchases from the game, besides tracking illicit items bought with the 'Freeze Money' exploit, ahead of releasing the 1.13 update.

High-Life and Heists DLC Releases Delayed

With developers constantly being forced to patch new bugs and exploits after every subsequent update for GTA Online, the development time for the next update (v1.13) is being pushed back indeterminately.

In other words, the High-Life DLC and Heists DLC release may take longer than expected, as Rockstar is busy cleaning up the mess created by a bunch of these glitches that surface after every patch or update.