Discerning GTA 5 tipster, Granty, has recently posted a YouTube video detailing the various aspects that suggest why Skiing DLC could be a part of GTA Online in the coming months.

The tipster earlier posted a video hinting at Jetpack DLC whose game code was found by another tipster, Chrome, through the 1.12 update files.

In addition, the same leaked files point to a portion of the game code that reads "GTA V Confirmed Jet Pack and Skiing?"

The game code pertaining to the Skiing DLC reads as follows:

  • XBL Toothpik found possible skis.data:838E1118 00000012 C.?AVCGadgetSkis@@
  • .rdata:820571DC 0000000D C START_SKIING
  • .rdata:820571D4 00000007 C SKIING
  • .rdata:820571C4 0000000E C FINISH_SKIING

The first line of the code apparently points to Xbox Live Toothpik tool that was used to unearth the game code pertaining to skiing.

The next three lines of code are possibly linked to skiing challenges in GTA 5 Online, which actually requires a Snowy terrain that indirectly points to the impending North Yankton DLC release in the near future.

Though the details are very scarce at the moment, some avid fans of GTA 5 are already fiddling with modded versions of GTA 5 maps for GTA 4 on PC including the North Yankton.

So, this theory further strengthens the rumour that both the North Yankton DLC and Skiing DLC could be released together by Rockstar, following the 1.13 update.