GTA 5 Online: Festive Surprise 2015
GTA 5 Christmas DLC: Festive Surprise 2015 secrets include the Northern Lights, a new Tampa feature and the Christmas-themed golden trees Rockstar Games

In his latest gameplay video, veteran YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross walks us through a bunch of secret and hidden features involving Festive Surprise 2015 DLC in GTA Online. Some of the noteworthy secrets detailed by Ross include the Northern Lights Aurora Borealis effect, a new Tampa feature and the Christmas-themed golden trees in Los Santos.

In order to take advantage of this effect, you need to visit the place earmarked on the in-game mini-map (see video) precisely at 21:00 hours or 9pm in-game time. This secret spot is located at the far end of the Paleto Bay police station.

Although there may be a few other locations where the Northern Lights effect could be observed, the Paleto Bay Sheriff Office is the ideal spot to view this special phenomenon in GTA Online. All you have to do is just go to the specified police station exactly at 9pm and then you can notice the Aurora Northern Lights effect in the sky, which appears like beams of lasers decorating the sky at dusk.

Note: This effect will last barely a few seconds in the game and hence you need to be on your toes in order to capture a stunning photo of this rare event in GTA Online.

Next up, Ross reveals a cool new feature pertaining to the Declasse Tampa muscle car, which was released as part of the Festive Surprise 2015 update. It seems the Tampa is affected with a glitch or a bug, wherein the trunk of the car gets stuck at half-way mark while closing it using the player interaction menu. However, there seems to be no issue while opening all the doors, including the trunk of the car.

As Ross admits, you need to open the trunk fully and then drive your car at its maximum speed in order to force close it completely.

Furthermore, if you are short of money and want to get the Firework Launcher and its ammo for free, then you can do a couple of jobs on your PS4/PS3 or Xbox One/Xbox 360 whose download links are given below:

PS4 or PS3:

Xbox One or Xbox 360:

How to get free Firework Launcher in GTA Online

  • Just add the specific job for your console via Rockstar Social Club and you will get to face a bunch of Bigfoots armed with Firework Launchers. Just grab one of these and collect the ammo after you have killed all the Bigfoots in the game.
  • Now the launcher will be permanently stored in your inventory as long as Festive Surprise DLC is active (for the next few days) in GTA Online.

Rockstar Games recently announced that all players will get to use the new railguns in Beast vs Slasher mode for the first time in GTA Online. However, it is still unclear if this weapon could be used or obtained in free mode of the game.

Finally, you can visit another secret location at Mount Gordo, which is placed next to the Paleto Bay in the in-game mini-map (see video). Precisely at this place, you will see a golden glowing tree on one side of the mountain.

As Ross explains, it is not clear if this is some bug or a graphics texture glitch as Rockstar has not revealed anything about this feature in its recent DLC announcements for GTA Online. It is not known if this golden glowing tree existed before the advent of Festive Surprise DLC or if it will be there forever or just for the holiday season.

If you are still skeptical, check out Ross's stunning gameplay video below: