GTA 5 Freemode Events Update
GTA 5 Freemode DLC hidden and secret features: New map features, special clothing and more revealed Rockstar Games

Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) reveals some of the most perplexing, hidden and secret features ported into the forthcoming Freemode DLC aka Freemode Events update in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online. Basically, Ross walks us through all the mystifying pieces of information pertaining to the Freemode update that were not revealed on Rockstar Newswire or the new DLC game trailer or any of the top websites like Kotaku and IGN.

With the Freemode DLC scheduled for release on 15 September, the GTA community will be craving to learn about any secrets that Rockstar might have chosen to stash away in its hidden DLC game files. Any discerning gamer would have observed a few interesting things in the new Freemode DLC gameplay trailer that have not been officially announced, while Ross highlights a few of those including the new map features, special clothing items as well as some new player customisation and gameplay features.

Ross walks us through some of the screenshots pertaining to key gameplay features depicted in the DLC trailer, wherein the first screenshot details how the Freemode activities actually work. You can see the purple box (Penned in) in the top-left hand corner of your screen whenever you are in Freemode, which means you can compete with other players within the moving zone as long as you are driving a vehicle.

In other words, you will not be presented any menus, loading screens or options and you can join the action instantly in GTA Online's Freemode. Besides, you can spot something new with the in-game mini-map, wherein the little 'X' sign on the map indicates the Freemode action zone and the arrow marks suggest the direction each player is heading to, in GTA Online. This could help players to strategise and collectively plot an ambush point to capture the target like in 'Hunt the Beast' Freemode event.

Tip #1: The players are denoted by a circle and the black arrow protruding from the circle represents the direction the player is facing.

Tip #2: Another noteworthy feature pertains to the character in Hunt the Beast, wherein the beast is actually represented by a special star-icon on the in-game mini-map, unlike the players who are represented by a circle-icon.

Tip #3: There are actually a total of 13 Freemode events and not just the four as revealed by Rockstar on Newswire, according to a recent post on Kotaku. Check out the complete list of hidden and secret Freemode events including the ones that were shown in the gameplay trailer and those officially announced:

  • Penned In
  • Criminal Damage
  • Hunt the Beast
  • Challenges
  • Moving Target
  • Kill List
  • Kill List Competitive
  • Checkpoints
  • Time Trial
  • Hold the Wheel
  • Hot Property
  • Dead Drop
  • King of the Castle

For the complete description on each of these Freemode events, check out the screenshot or watch the gameplay video (below):

GTA 5 Freemode DLC

Ross also explains how 'Hunt the Beast' gameplay concept came into existence, while quoting an official statement from Sarwar (a veteran Rockstar game developer) to IGN:

"One day during one of the big GTA Online playtests we do across the studios, we could hear someone breathing and grunting heavily into the mic, something anyone who plays games online has probably experienced." Sarwar explains.

"No one knew who it was, so tracking the person down became priority number one. That gave us the idea of a mode that used audio cues to chase a monster across the city – and thus Hunt the Beast was born."

Reassuring Rockstar's fans, the game developer adds that they are planning lots of new ideas and gameplay content for GTA Online in the coming months. Elaborating on the character in 'Hunt the Beast' Freemode event, Ross points out the red varsity jacket worn by the beast and contemplates if it would be the exact costume used in GTA Online or if it's just meant for promotional purpose in the video. One may recall that Franklin actually wears one of these trademark jackets in the game's single-player mode.

Referring to the second screenshot depicted in the gameplay trailer, Ross suggests that you can notice a bike rider wearing a red jacket with Rose thorns and petals on the sides of the sleeves, which seems to be another special outfit for the Freemode event.