Avid GTA gamers are in for some exciting news as renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) has confirmed that the proposed September DLC release for GTA 5 is coming sooner than expected, along with some intriguing gameplay content for GTA Online. Detailing fans' concerns posted on Twitter, Ross explained that the next DLC is almost ready and on the verge of being released, as hinted by the prolific GTA 5 tipster Funmw2 in a recent tweet.

One glance at the tweet indicates that the next DLC files touted as "DLCPacks4" have already been uploaded to Rockstar's game servers and could be released soon.

In another recent tweet, the same tipster states: "Once the next update hits the platforms, @RockstarSupport agents can offer a gender change even if it's a request."

What this means for GTA Online gamers

Gamers can now undertake plastic or cosmetic surgery to change appearances or undergo gender changes for their main game characters in GTA Online, as the next update is likely to add this new feature in the form of a DLC add-on. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that Rockstar support agents might offer this option to interested gamers in GTA Online through special forum requests.

It is still not clear when exactly the next DLC update will come. However, the tipster has provided some more information about the probable release window for the upcoming GTA 5 DLC via GTA forums.

GTA 5 Online DLC

The description posted on the GTA forums (see the screenshot above) suggests the DLC game folder, which is uploaded to Rockstar Games' production servers, also contains the Rockstar Editor, along with the actual DLC files. It has been further ascertained that the DLC update would arrive sometime in second week of September, according to the anonymous source who revealed this info to Funmw2.

The update is touted to be a mere 150MB, suggesting it could be an incremental update with some minor feature changes including game character's gender change. To further strengthen this claim, the tipster said he has cross-checked the "x64b.rpf" DLC files with the original ones from the GTA 5 PC edition.

The tipster sums up that these leaked files actually have nothing to do with the next DLC content as they were already found in the original game files. But the "DLCPacks4" folder is definitely connected with the forthcoming DLC as it has been uploaded to Rockstar's game servers.

Regardless of the DLC content, we can rest assured that Rockstar is working on some new gameplay content for the forthcoming title update in GTA Online.