GTA Online: Labor Day Weekend Sales
GTA 5 Online: How to avail of up to 35% discounts to save millions on cars, jets and more Rockstar Games

Rockstar has recently announced insane discount offers on all vehicles in GTA Online for the event weekend (4 to 7 September) including cars, jets, boats and Warstock Cache and Carry items as part of Labour Day Weekend Sales, along with double GTA$ and RP across various events. Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW has revealed the secret to avail of an extra 10% discount or a total of 35% discount on purchase of some specified vehicles from GTA Online.

4 September: Elitas Travel Labour Day Sale

The promotional discount offer brings 25% discount on all aircraft along with double RP and GTA$ payouts on all Air Races and Parachuting Jobs for avid aviation fans.

5 September: Legendary Motorsport Labour Day Sale

The high-performance motor vehicles including race cars, luxury sports cars and other exotic vehicles will get a massive price slash starting 5 September. Prospective vehicle buyers in GTA Online can avail of up to 25% discount on the Legendary Motorsport inventory, while also staking double RP and GTA$ payouts for all Land Race events.

6 September: Docktease Labour Day Sale

Grab the "boat of your dreams" at a massive 25% discount on Sunday via Docktease and take advantage of 2X RP and GTA$ payouts for all Sea Races as you sail off leisurely along the coast of Chumash in your dazzling new speedboat.

7 September: Warstock Cache and Carry Labour Day Sale

Indulge in weekend urban warfare by availing of exclusive discount offers up to 25% on all military vehicles sold via Warstock Cache and Carry. Also earn double GTA$ payouts and experience points (RP) in all Deathmatches that you participate through the weekend.

In related news, renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) walks through the discount offers announced by Rockstar on a bunch of vehicles in GTA Online, wherein the Luxor Deluxe sells at $7,500,000 while the Swift Deluxe could be purchased for just $3,862,500 on 4 September.

Those who missed out on the offers on Friday and Saturday could still make use of the discounts available for 6 and 7 September through Docktease and Warstock Cache & Carry. Check out Ross's latest gameplay video (below) depicting the massive price cut on a number of vehicles in GTA Online:

In his next video, Ross also details how you can avail of an extra 10% discount (apart from Rockstar's 25% off) on vehicle purchases through Elitas Travel, Legendary Motorsport, Docktease and Warstock Cache & Carry in GTA Online.

If you are still wondering, here is how you do it: Just go to the Life Invader website in real-life where you can just like or stalk pages, which is based on the Facebook parody on discounts and offers. Whenever you like a page that advertises in-game vehicles such as Warstock's military vehicles, you will receive an additional 10% discount on your purchase to make for a total of 35% off on the vehicle's actual selling price. In other words, you just have to log into the website using your Rockstar Social Club account ID and password, and just hit like on the sponsored Life Invader page to get this extra discount.

For further assistance, check out Ross's exciting gameplay video below: