GTA 5 Glitches: Insane Secret Entrance to Martin Madrazo, Franklin and Michaels Houses
GTA 5 Glitches: Insane Secret Entrance to Martin Madrazo, Franklin and Michaels Houses Rockstar Games

Avid gamers can now explore the insane secret entrance to Martin Madrazo, Franklin and Michael's houses in GTA 5, as discerning GTA 5 tipster, DomisLive (aka Dom), has revealed some smart tricks and glitches to achieve this feat effortlessly.

Martin Madrazo's House

First up in the list is Martin Madrazo's house which can be entered in multiple ways.

If you want to unlock the secret entrance to this house, here is how you do it:

  • You will need to be riding a bike to activate the wall glitch and unlock the secret entrance to this house.
  • Just get on a bike with your friend and ride off to the cliff side to make way for an elevated jump over the side compound leading to the house.
  • Once you have executed the jump successfully, just ride the bike straight into the side wall (see video) and the next moment you will be inside the house.
  • Tip #1: This glitch does not work if you try to enter by foot. So, you need to be riding a bike to make it work.
  • Once you are inside the house, you can walk through the doors to get a glimpse of interiors in the room. Besides, you can also climb up the stairs and check out the open space on the top floor.

Note:Watch out for glitched spots inside the house which make you fall through the ground and enter the matrix system.

Michael's House

Next in the list is Michael's house which also has a secret entrance from the garage location.

Here is how you activate the glitch and unlock the secret entrance:

  • Just park your car (preferably a monster truck or Dubsta) across the door to Michael's garage.
  • Tip #2: Ensure the Dubsta is parked sideways as it is a bit tedious to climb over its hood, while it is rather easier to climb over its side and reach the top of the garage.
  • Now climb over the Dubsta and jump over the garage roof.
  • You can now access the first floor balcony from the garage roof.
  • Once you are standing at the balcony, just pull up your phone and hit the middle button to select the job: Editor and Thief (Martin).
  • Now quickly abort the job and choose Yes to confirm. This will trigger the secret entrance glitch and you will be inside Michael's house.
  • Explore the ravishing interiors of Michael's house, before you head down the stairs and your only way out of this house is to commit suicide or try starting another job.

Franklin's House

Those who wish to enjoy the luxurious interiors of Franklin's house can try this secret entrance glitch, especially if they missed an opportunity to check out the mansion during story mode missions.

Though this one is the toughest glitch of the lot, here is how you do it:

  • Just drive to the waypoint marker on the map as shown in the video.
  • Now, you need a real fast car like the Zentorno that can jump you off the cliffs and land you straight on the rooftop of Franklin's house.
  • Tip #3: Just hit the rock on the Cliffside at a perfect angle to get the desired elevation and you will be good to land on the rooftop.
  • Once you have accomplished the task, just position your car at an angle pointing to the ridges on the rooftop as shown in the video.
  • Drive the car as fast as you can and bail out at the last moment when the car hits the ridge. To jump off the car just hit 'Y' on Xbox 360 and 'Triangle' button on PS3.
  • Now the glitch will be activated and you will fall through the rooftop to enter Franklin's house.
  • You can now explore the interiors of the house and fiddle with the mounted telescope to get a glimpse of the surroundings.