GTA 5 Online Glitches: Insane Secret Human Research Lab Revealed
GTA 5 Online Glitches: Insane Secret Human Research Lab Revealed Rockstar Games

Gamers can now enter the secret level 3 of Human Research Lab in single-player mission of GTA 5 as well as in GTA Online, using one of the most insane wall-breaches ever made in video game history.

Discerning GTA 5 tipster, DomisLive, reveals the step-by-step guide to accomplish the feat of unlocking a secret passage to level 3 of Human Research Lab in GTA 5.

Here is how you do it:

  • Go to the waypoint marked on the map (see video) and get into the helicopter, which is parked at the wall bridge.
  • Now fly the helicopter through the narrow ceiling passage of the designated building and let the map glitch allow you to fly through the obstructions to reach the top unharmed.
  • Once you have breached the building walls and reached level 2, just land the helicopter at the centre of the building as shown in the video.
  • Now pitch the helicopter down until you emerge underneath the second floor and enter the matrix system.
  • It is now possible to fly the helicopter towards the research lab. At this moment, hit the Start button and place a marker or set waypoint to the research lab.
  • Find the location of Boiler room and then park the helicopter inside the building, just adjacent to the inner walls of the room.

Note:This glitch should work both in single-player mode as well as in GTA Online. However, for illustration purpose, this tutorial makes use of single-player mode.

  • Now get out of the helicopter and you will free-fall through the ground and then enter the water. There is nothing to worry, as this is part of the glitch in action.
  • Look out for a large pipe or some sort of huge snake inside the water which keeps spiralling upwards.
  • Now swim towards it and you will experience something crazy as you fall down to the floor, before you wake up inside a building.
  • You need to swim faster (upwards) and reach the surface of water quickly, just to avoid getting drowned or running out of oxygen in your lungs.
  • Once you swim up to the top, you will be at level 3 of the research lab.
  • Look for the ladder that leads up to the level 3 and climb it.
  • Tip #1: The glitch is far easier to perform offline or in single-player mode as you can use the character switch glitch to stay underwater for longer periods of time than normal.

You will be amazed with the level of detail revealed in this glitch as you walk through the various levels of the research lab in GTA 5.