GTA Online gamers can now exploit a bunch of tricks and glitches for an unparalleled edge in the game, with due credit to discerning GTA 5 tipsters DomisLive (aka Dom) and Typical Gamer, who have revealed some fascinating tips and tricks for the game.

No Cops Online or Blind Eye Timer Unlimited Glitch

First of the lot is the No Cops Online or Blind Eye Timer Unlimited glitch (aka Never Wanted Glitch) by Dom, which allows GTA 5 players to infinitely extend the No Cops Timer window by calling up Lester and using the in-game glitch to freeze the timer.

Here is how you do it:

  • Call up Lester and ask him to turn On the Blind Eye. Note: Blind Eye is a perk in GTA Online, which allows players to go undetected from cops for limited time duration of three minutes as if you are moving under the radar or like a fugitive in disguise.
  • Wait until the timer starts running out and when just 10 seconds are left for the cops to get alerted, just push UP on the D-pad to pull out your in-game phone.
  • Once the in-game phone appears at the right-hand lower portion of the screen, the Blind Eye timer will be frozen and the ability to go undetected from cops will be extended infinitely or until you disconnect the phone.
  • The catch here is to let the phone remain activated, although it is in idle mode. Besides, once the in-game phone is active, you will be unable to switch your in-game weapons until you disconnect the phone.

Tip #1:Choose your weapon of choice wisely, as you do not want to disable Blind Eye glitch by disconnecting the phone, especially if you are in the midst of a four-star or five-star wanted level with a bunch of cops on your trail.

Tip #2: Using this glitch, you will have the ability to kill people, enemies or targets recklessly without being noticed by cops or even bother about attracting any penalty or high wanted level from cops.

Tip #3: The Blind Eye Timer Unlimited glitch works fine on foot as well as while driving a car.

How to Auto Run Trick

In related news, another renowned tipster of GTA community, Typical Gamer, has revealed a couple of nifty tricks and glitches including How to Auto Run, Afghan Skarf trick, Gas Can Trap and more.

Here is how you do the Auto Run trick:

Hold A on Xbox 360 or X on PS3 to start running down the cliff and then hold LP on Xbox 360 or L1 on PS3 to keep running steadily in a given direction.

Check out more tips and tricks from Typical Gamer in the demo video below: