GTA 5 PS4 vs PS3: Next-Gen Graphics Gameplay Comparison Revealed

For the last few weeks now, a series of infection mods have been disrupting the GTA Online experience for thousands of players on GTA 5. Recently, we spoke about a mod that drops massive containers into player garages on GTA Online, thus causing them to lose garage spots and vehicles.

This week, gamers have started reporting that a new mod infection is now causing rotating satellites to appear in their garages.

Apart from using up valuable vehicle slots in the garage, the satellite also destroys vehicles. And when players walk into its radius of movement, they are pushed into a back room, which has no exit. The only ways to leave are to join a mission, exit the game or to kill yourself.

Thousands of players have reported that they have lost cars to this problem and that they are not able to get rid of it. Even if players do fix the problem once, they can get infected again, if they go into a lobby where the infection is prominent. For those of you interested in checking out the latest infection, view the video below for a better idea.

How To Fix

For those of you that are trying to fix the problem, Rockstar has offered a solution for the same. Check out step-by-step method over here.