GTA 5 Online Heists
GTA 5 mysterious cut Heist mission: 'The Nice House' aka Sharmoota Job gameplay revealed Rockstar Games

Renowned YouTuber, MrBossFTW, has revealed some intriguing gameplay details in his latest GTA 5 video pertaining to a mysterious Heist mission, 'The Nice House' aka Sharmoota Job, which was cut ahead of the game's release.

Until now we had only scarce details about the missing Heist mission for GTA 5. However, MrBossFTW has shared all the gameplay details relating to this mission including the actual setup, planning and the execution of this Heist mission in GTA 5.

Basically, the Sharmoota Job revolves around the plot involving Michael and Trevor who are destined to rob a rich man's house, which we later find out to be Martin Madrazo.

Like all other heists in GTA 5, this one also includes a three-stage execution: Planning the Heist, making two preparations, and then finally choosing one of the three available approaches to complete the mission successfully.

Also, this mission comprises two primary goals: getting access to Martin Madrazo's house and stealing something valuable.

Although there is no planning board used for the Heist mission, the first two stages of the preparation process have been disclosed in this gameplay video, wherein Michael has recently come across an advert online that allows him to disguise himself as a prospective property-buyer in GTA 5.

In the second stage, an appointment with the real estate agent has been arranged, wherein Michael and Trevor will be dressed up as a couple while viewing the house.

With due credit to another YouTuber, Vadim M, we now have access to unused audio files pertaining to this mission in GTA 5. You can listen to the audio clips in the gameplay video below:

Tip#1: As is evident in the audio clip, Michael is actually being addressed as 'Albert' by Trevor, wherein Albert De Silva was the beta name for Michael, ahead of the game's release to the public.

Although Trevor appears to be at ease with his new-found role for the Heist mission, Michael seems a bit perturbed given his dislike for acting up as a gay couple.

Tip#2: Now coming back to the three approaches, all of which have one thing in common - grabbing the safe deposit box out of the wall. But, there are different approaches to the same objective.

The first approach known as 'Night Stealth' requires you to enter the house at night using stealth. Then grab the safe deposit box out of the wall, steal a horse and kidnap Martin Madrazo's wife.

As MrBossFTW notes in the video, there are several photo frames scattered on the walls of the house that depict a race horse – a prized possession of Madrazo.

In the second approach which is also known as 'High Impact' requires you to use the brute force method or barging into the house while being disguised as mime artists. Once again, you need to grab the safe, steal the horse and take Madrazo's wife as hostage.

Besides, Michael and Trevor are entrusted with the task of tying up all the guests present at the house party and then taking out the Mexican gang in a shootout, before escaping with the safe and the hostage.

The last method that could be employed for this mission is called 'Clown Day Stealth', which requires you to dress up as clowns and then flee with the safe along with the stolen horse and kidnapped wife.

Tip #3: As MrBossFTW asserts in the video, one can find Trevor kidnapping Madrazo's wife in the later stages of GTA 5, which could be the sole reason the Sharmoota Job has been cut from the Heists DLC for GTA Online.

Going back to a few more references in the game suggesting that this Heist should definitely be on the cards, we should take note of Martin Madrazo's house, which is located just outside of the Downtown Vinewood street rather than the previously speculated suburbs of Sandy Shores.