GTA 5 Easter-Eggs
GTA 5: New Niko Bellic Easter-Egg and GTA 4 Exotic Export missions revealed Rockstar Games

Fresh details about some brand new Easter-Eggs are making waves in GTA Online as renowned YouTuber, MrBossFTW, shares his latest gameplay video pertaining to the new Niko Bellic Easter-Egg and the Exotic Export missions for GTA 4.

Credit is due to YouTuber, ZacCoxTV, who had earlier revealed some interesting gameplay details about 'The Ballad of Gay Tony' Easter-Egg in GTA 5. Avid gamers can now enjoy the second instalment of the leaked gameplay information about hidden Easter-Eggs in the game from the same person.

Those who missed out on the Exotic Export side-missions in GTA 4 can revisit the same through unlocking the hidden Easter-Eggs in GTA 5.

As MrBossFTW notes, there are four new game files found in GTA 5, which are actually images of text messages that are sent by Some Internet Guy to Niko666 within the game.

The text messages actually point to hijacking cars as part of the Exotic Export missions, wherein you get paid for every exotic car that you deliver to the pre-destined location on the map.

Furthermore, it is ascertained that Niko Bellic and Some Internet Guy are both placeholders for the hidden missions in GTA 5, which may or may not see the day of light depending on Rockstar's future DLC plans for the hot-selling game of the year.

However, as more and more Easter-Eggs are being unearthed with the release of GTA 5 for PC, it is almost certain that Rockstar has something big in store for the PC gamers, after a long delayed release of the re-mastered edition of the game for PC.

Check out some amazing action sequences pertaining to the Niko Bellic Easter-Egg in the gameplay video below: