Avid GTA 5 gamers are in for a special treat as renowned YouTuber iCrazyTeddy has recently posted an exciting gameplay video depicting a bunch of funny character and special equipment mods for GTA 5 PC including Sexy Girls, Merryweather, Jetpack and Police.

As the YouTuber explains in his latest GTA 5 gameplay video, you can really dress up your favourite GTA 5 game characters with various costumes in the Director mode and envisage how you would like to be seen in the game when you are online.

Choose between Uptown, Vagrants and various other style categories and once you are done, you could walk out into the streets with Invincibility Mode turned ON.

To sum up, basically you can go wherever you want and do whatever you wish to do, with these mods. Some of the extraordinary feats you could accomplish with these mods include flaming bullets, super jump, explosive bullets and explosive melee.

As iCrazyTeddy points out, you could even blow up fully-armoured tiger tanks and other combat vehicles by firing just a few rounds of explosive bullets (one and a half clips to be precise).

With these ultra-powerful mods, you can become the all-conquering demigod or some unstoppable super-hero kind of character in the game.

You can also dress up as a Police officer or a Gruppe Sechs driver or one of the story mode characters in GTA 5, using the Director mode.

That's not all, you can even check out the various costumes of professionals such as Doctor, Drag Queen, Hairdresser, IT Specialist, Kitchen Porter, Mariachi, Media Type, Office Drone, Scientist and Soldier.

Catch the rest of the mind-blowing costume casting and gameplay action from iCrazyTeddy in the video below:

In related news, the same YouTuber has discussed in detail about the popular Military Jetpack mod aka Space Rockets mod in his latest gameplay video.

This gameplay video has been credited to another YouTuber, MrThoomas62FR, who is the creator and founder of this mod.

As iCrazyTeddy reports, the Military Jetpack mod includes two mounted mini-guns on its sides with glowing LED light and flying capabilities.

This mod is currently tested to be working fine on current-gen consoles: Xbox 360 and PS3. But, it is not yet clear if it would work on next-gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox One).

Check out rest of the action including the Space Rockets mod in the gameplay video below: