Avid GTA 5 gamers have long been complaining about the infamous glitches and mods often ruining or disturbing their gameplay in GTA Online, while discerning modders and pranksters have been constantly unleashing game-breaking mods such as the $100m Modded Money Lobbies and the Insane Dead Body mods in recent times.

Renowned YouTube tipster, DomisLive (aka Dom), has shed more light on the current state of affairs in GTA Online with the ever-increasing threat of game-breaking mods and the ensuing consequences.

Detailing the ensuing chaos with latest mods such as Garage infection, Modded Money Lobbies and God Mode glitch, Dom highlights some of the most critical issues faced by gamers in GTA Online such as the inability in accessing their vehicles inside the garage.

One such discerning gamer has tweeted Dom with an in-game screenshot depicting his car flipped over with giant crates and barriers blocking his way from accessing a bunch of cars on the other side of his garage.

How to Fix or Remove Game-Breaking Glitches and Mods

Uninstalling the last installed update (1.16 patch) or erasing the system cache on your console are the only known fixes for eliminating most of these glitches and game-breaking mod infections in the game right now.

Consequently, you can reinstall a fresh copy of the new update via Rockstar game servers and ensure that you only connect to private or invite only sessions in GTA Online. In other words, it means that you should never connect to public lobbies in order to prevent possible future infections.

Here is how to clear system cache on your Xbox 360 console:

  • Go to Settings > System and click Storage or Memory
  • Now choose Hard Drive > Games and Apps
  • Then Hit Y button to open Device Options
  • Finally, choose Clear System Cache from the pop-up menu, hit Yes to confirm and you are done.

How to Clear System Cache on Your PS3 Console

  • Scroll to the Game tab on the XMB and select "Game Data Utility."​
  • Now you will see all the games you have played. Search for GTA V game data and there should be two different saves. DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING YET.
  • You need to find the game data that is the current patch of GTA, not the entire game install. Then press triangle on one of saves and choose information. There you should see the size and details of the specific save. Find the one that is around 70-80mb in size, which is the one you want to delete.​
  • Select that game data by pressing the triangle then there should be a delete option. Choose Delete to refresh the system cache.​
  • Once you have done that, start GTA V and you'll be required to re-download the latest patch of the game. Then load the game and check if your problems are now fixed.​

Consequences of Game-Breaking Mods and Glitches

In related news, another discerning GTA 5 gamer has tweeted Dom about receiving a huge $100m deposit in his in-game bank account from some unknown modder and later he requested Microsoft to remove the surplus money from his account, just to ensure that he does not get penalised with a ban hammer by Rockstar.

Recently, there have been numerous reports floating on the internet wherein random GTA Online players have been banned from Xbox Live and PlayStation network for visiting or accidentally joining the modded lobbies in the game.

Several affected players and victims of mods or glitches have taken to Twitter to express grief about their miserable plight with these mods and glitches wreaking havoc on their online gameplay experience.

For instance, infected garages are apparently filled with a bunch of ramps blocking access to elevators while giant crates keep floating all around their garage and thereby killing off any precious space left to move around or access cars inside the garage.

Do let us know in the comments section below if you think modders are ruining your gameplay experience in GTA Online.

Meanwhile, another discerning YouTuber, iCrazyTeddy, has revealed some funny moments and gameplay experience with new Insane Dead Body mods in GTA Online.

The Insane Dead Body mods work similar to other game-breaking glitches such as the garage infection, infinity UFO mods and god mode glitch wherein the infection spreads from one lobby to another via infected systems or consoles using system level security breach.

Affected systems could throw up some weird images of dead body parts and splattered blood like in Game of Thrones wherein random sightings could be spotted inside the garage, houses and apartments or on the streets.