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GTA 5 Next-Gen: PS4 and Xbox One Price-Listing Appears on PlayStation Store, PC Beta Testing Underway Rockstar Games

GTA 5 fans are in for some exciting news, as discerning YouTuber DomisLive (aka Dom) talks about the leaked GTA 5 Next-Gen price images for PS4 and Xbox, while also shedding some light on the PC Beta testing for the upcoming re-mastered edition of the game in his latest video on YouTube.

Freshly leaked price images (see video) for GTA 5 Next-Gen (PS4 version) have recently surfaced online via PlayStation store, and the internet is abuzz with the game's price-listing on the portal which reads $49.99.

Alongside the GTA 5 Next-Gen, the website also lists other popular game titles for sale such as Need for Speed Rivals ($49.99), Alien Isolation (49.99), DRIVECLUB ($29.99), NBA 2K14 ($59.99) and more.

It is ascertained that the price for the re-mastered edition of GTA 5 was accidentally listed on the PlayStation store for some time, before it was taken down owing to the realisation of the mistake.

Nevertheless, we now have a rough idea about the probable price for the upcoming re-mastered edition of GTA 5 for next-gen systems (PS4, Xbox One and PC).

Given the fact that most console video games in US are priced around $59.99, the GTA 5 next-gen game definitely seems to be reasonably priced.

There is no word on the equivalent price of the game in euro or pound, while the price tags for Xbox One and PC versions are also unknown.

The word on the price details for GTA 5 next-gen might just be revealed in a few weeks' time, and as usual we might see slight price variations across the three major gaming platforms when the game finally releases in Fall.

In related news, some avid GTA 5 modders have reportedly been beta testing the PC version of the game, according to a recent leak via SteamDB or Steam database.

The leak suggests that someone has been beta testing the GTA 5 PC game on 6 September for a few hours between 6pm and 11pm, while there is also some readings in the graph that show beta testing activity over the weekend (7 September).

This fuels further speculation that GTA 5 for PC and next-gen consoles could be imminent with a highly-probable release date set for 18 October.

Do you think the price tag of $49.99 for GTA 5 next-gen would be justified or is it a bit overpriced and do you think GTA 5 next-gen will release in October? Please leave your comments below.