GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals DLC
GTA 5 Online Executives and Other Criminals DLC: Top six secret yacht features revealed Rockstar Games

Avid GTA Online gamers are in for some interesting news as veteran tipster, TheJgamer, has revealed the top six secret features that make the Pisces Mega Yacht superior to the Aquarius. Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW walks us through the list of top reasons for choosing the Pisces over the Aquarius in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online.

First of the top six reasons is obviously the huge price difference between the Pisces and the Aquarius yachts, wherein the former costs $8m while the latter is relatively cheaper at $7m.

Furthermore, the Pisces offers you faster vehicles than the Aquarius. The Buckingham Swift and the Pegassi Speeder that come with the Pisces Yacht are way faster than the SuperVolito Carbon and the Lampadati Toro of the Aquarius.

The Pisces has better body design in comparison to the Aquarius, wherein the former has better access to the second and top floors with open spaces to walk around various floors of the Yacht. Besides, climbing on top of the Yacht is much easier on the Pisces than the Aquarius, thanks to the canvas covering on some parts of the rooftops.

Also, one might notice that the Pisces has access to some strategic positions of the top floor from the corner spaces of the second floor, which is not possible on the Aquarius. This feature will be especially useful if you are planning to snipe some targets on the beach shores or trying to defend the Yacht from enemy invasion.

One of the most strategic defence capabilities of a yacht will depend on its ability to support fighter planes such as the Hydra. Once again the Pisces comes out on top with its broad spaces on rooftops (see video) that can easily support two Hydras placed adjacent to each other. As the twin helipads are too small to accommodate a Hydra, it is imperative that the gamer makes use of extra spaces on the rooftops as the Aquarius lets you down on this count.

Finally, the Pisces happens to be the most overlooked among the three yachts as it is in the mid-range segment, while the Orion is entry-level and misses out on some complimentary vehicles as well as looks. The Aquarius, on the other hand, seems to be a bit overpriced and only the rich would opt for it.

For all these reasons, the Pisces is the one you should be buying, especially if you want more value for money in GTA Online.

[Source: TheJgamer]