GTA 5 Festive Surprise aka Christmas DLC
Christmas DLC aka Festive Surprise 3.0 release date with all new content leaked Rockstar Games

Avid GTA fans are in for some great news, as veteran YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) brings us freshly leaked details about the forthcoming Christmas DLC aka Festive Surprise 3.0 update for GTA Online. As Ross explains, the latest leak reveals the likely release date for the forthcoming DLC along with fresh game content including more details on the Declasse Tampa for GTA Online.

The first bit of leaked info actually comes from Rockstar's recent announcement on Newswire and it seems the game maker has accidentally given away critical info about the impending update with the announcement of Festive Surprise Snapmatic photo contest. Rockstar has done a similar thing in the past just ahead of any major DLC releases, during the holiday seasons.

As Ross clarifies, Rockstar had accidentally posted the terms and conditions (see video) for the new GTA 5 Snapmatic photo challenge for the Festive Surprise 2015 on its Social Club page, ahead of the DLC release. Apparently, the game maker has realised its mistake and taken down the post from the website.

The post actually talked about participation, evaluation, event period, collection and use of information, and releases. The most vital piece of information in the post pertains to the actual event time and duration, which suggests the event starts at 12:01AM ET on 21 December and ends at 11:59PM ET on 5 January.

There seems to be a typo or error in the coding as the event end date specified on the site reads January 2015 instead of January 2016. Nevertheless, the event start time could actually coincide with the release of new Festive Surprise DLC for GTA Online which is highly-anticipated for 21 or 22 December release. As Rockstar has never released any of their DLCs on Mondays, it is safe to assume that the DLC would come out on 22 Dec, which is a Tuesday.

In related news, a veteran GTA tipster named xHaviiHx has posted some interesting spoilers about the Festive Surprise 2015 items in GTA Online via a recent post on GTA forums. With reference to some recently leaked DLC game files, the tipster has revealed some interesting stats of the Declasse Tampa:


From the files <handling.meta>

Mass: 1200

Handbrake: 0.8

Driveforce: 0.27

Drag: 10

Max Velocity: 140

Although there is no info about the probable price-tag for the Declasse Tampa, it is expected to cost around GTA$375,000 in GTA Online once the DLC comes out. As this is one of the few throwback cars from GTA 4 that are likely to make their way into GTA Online, they will come with unique looks and body designs unlike the stock cars.

Furthermore, you may take a look at the actual leaked game code in the screenshot below:

GTA 5 DLC leaked game code
GTA 5 Online Christmas DLC: Festive Surprise 3.0 release date with all new content leaked GTA forums

The leaked game code clearly suggests that there will be just one new vehicle addition to the game, besides a bunch of new masks, new clothings and new costumes for 'Hunt the Beast' with the release of Festive Surprise DLC in GTA Online.

With the advent of this DLC, we might expect to see a few cosmetic changes to the game including snowfall, some giant Christmas tree in Los Santos, besides a miniature version of the tree sitting inside each of our apartments.