Veteran YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross walks us through the hidden trove of secret cars and mystery hotel spawns with the newly released Executives and Other Criminals DLC in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online. Talking about the new DLC cars, Ross points out the new Declasse Mamba is modelled after the sports classic, Shelby AC Cobra, and it is speculated that a secret variant of this car could actually exist in the game.

Pointing to a recent post by an avid GTA fan named DonWakita on the se7ensins forum, Ross describes the noticeable differences between the modded version of Mamba and the stock version in the game. Here are the prominent differences that have been unearthed so far:

  • Small windshield — it is almost one-third of the length of the regular version
  • Full Rollbar upgrade — you can notice a full rear rollbar at the back of the car, sitting right behind the driver's head-rest
  • Front bumper lip in secondary colour — you can notice the change in colour of the bumper-lip that extends along the side panel of the car

As DomWakita explains in his post, he found this hidden variant while transferring the cars from the creator to the single-player version of the game. However, it is confirmed that you cannot really modify or install custom rollbar parts or smaller windshields from the Los Santos Customs shop either.

The only feasible modifications on the Mamba include the addition of a roof-top and some basic colour modifications on the car's body.

Next up, one might recollect Rockstar's brief screening on a couple of hotels in the recently released gameplay trailer for Executives and Other Criminals DLC in GTA Online. The first one was the Gentry Manor and the second happened to be the Von Crastenburg.

Although the recent DLC release did not offer any access to either of these hotels, a bunch of recent fan tweets to Ross are suggesting that they indeed have the option to set either of these hotels as the spawn location via the player interaction menu.

Consequently, it is almost certain that we could either purchase these hotels or acquire them through some DLC missions in the near future. It is not yet clear if this would be part of Festive Surprise 3.0 or Lowriders 2.0 update for GTA Online.

If you are playing as a VIP, you can spawn some of the latest business vehicles like Turreted Limo for a small price of $20,000 and this should come in handy if you want to test drive the vehicle before actually buying it. All these vehicles are readily accessible via the VIP abilities section in the interaction menu.

On the downside, some GTA Online players seem to be seriously concerned with unusual bugs creeping into the game ever since gamers started using VIP abilities in the free-mode such as everyone in the lobby getting a random three-star level, besides some players glitching after dying in the game.

Among other noteworthy changes, the update has now removed a few special items and masks from players' inventory such as the Christmas masks and outfits pertaining to the holiday season.

Tip: You can check your interaction menu for the saved outfits, if you think you might be missing some of the special items or masks from your inventory.