Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross walks us through a consolidated bunch of leaks for the Lowriders DLC part 2 that has surfaced in recent times via his latest gameplay video for GTA Online.

GTA 5 Lowriders 2.0 update
Funmw2 via Twitter

Pointing to the flurry of leaks pertaining to the Lowriders 2.0 update, Ross points out that one of Funmw2's recent tweets about the update, suggests that the DLC release is just around the corner. A newly leaked code (screenshot above) has been added to game files following the release of Executives and Other Criminals update for GTA Online.

The first batch of leaks pertaining to the Lowriders part 2 update revealed a bunch of 12 new DLC vehicles, while the actual Lowriders part 1 release featured six new cars including Albany Buccaneer custom, Vapid Chino custom, Williard Faction custom, Declasse Moonbeam custom, Premode Custom and Declasse Vodoo custom. In other words, only six out of 12 cars were released with the first iteration of Lowriders update.

Consequently, Rockstar seems to be holding back a few of those leaked cars for a surprise release of Lowriders part 2 in GTA Online. Excluding those DLC cars that are already released in the game, we are yet to see Faction3, Minivan2, SabreGT2, Slamvan3, Tornado5, Virgo2 and Virgo3.

As far as the Virgo is concerned, we may have two different variants including the topless version and the regular model with rooftop installed. However, if Funmw2's prediction comes true, then the second instalment of the Lowriders update will only feature six new cars and not seven as suggested by the leak.

According to Funmw2, two new weapons and three new animations are expected to be part of the forthcoming Lowriders DLC in GTA Online. Following this leak, the buzz and hype surrounding the DLC just died out for a while.

Nevertheless, another huge leak from Dragoon (two months ago) suggested that we will be getting the Super Yacht and Apartment Customisation DLCs into the game, which actually turned out to be true.

Those who missed out on the earlier leaks can now check out the full recap of all the leaked Lowrider DLC vehicles as depicted in the screenshots seen in the video (below).

Moving on to the leaked DLC weapons, Funmw2 suggested that we are likely to see the double-barrel shotgun and the AK-47U (a smaller version of AK-47). On the animation front, we will be seeing three new variants including bye-bye or waving good-bye, you loco (French translation) or waving fingers around the head and the peace sign.

The final piece of leak pertains to the DLC clothing which includes some gang hoodies with Liberty City and Ship logos, and a green polo T-shirt with some badges on it.

With Festive Surprise DLC release just around the corner, there is still no word on the actual release date for the Lowriders update in GTA Online. It seems like Rockstar might be reserving this DLC for a late January or early February release as there have been a bunch of DLC releases for GTA 5 in the past few weeks.