GTA 5 Online gameplay tricks: New FIB building and Skateboard glitches revealed
GTA 5 Online gameplay tricks: New FIB building and Skateboard glitches revealed Rockstar Games

Avid GTA 5 gamers are in for a special treat as discerning YouTuber DomisLive (aka Dom) reveals a couple of interesting gameplay glitches in GTA Online, with due credit to iCrazyTeddy for uploading the gameplay video and sin7sins for sharing the information.

FIB Building Glitch

As Dom points out in the video, there is a secret passage to enter the FIB building using one of the hardest glitches in the online version of the game.

The glitch seems to work right at the top of the FIB building, wherein you will see a glass pyramid-like structure that apparently allows a secret entry into the building.

Here is how you activate the glitch:

  • You will need a Cargo-Bob helicopter and a motorbike for this job.
  • Tip #1: Alternatively, you could use a BMX bike, but it is not recommended.
  • Tip #2: You could accomplish this glitch alone, but it is advisable to have a friend around you as a backup in case something goes wrong and you need some help.
  • Line your bike up straight against the FIB building's glass window (see video).
  • Hit the accelerate key and then hit the brakes to activate the wheelie mechanism on your bike.
  • This will allow you to fall down from the bike and set the glitch into action.
  • You will notice a glitch animation sequence that will drop you through the glass window, and in a moment you will hit the floor inside the FIB building.
  • Tip #3: If you do it right, the bike will slide away under your legs after pushing you through the glass window and paving the way for the secret access into the building.
  • You may need to attempt this glitch multiple times in order to be successful in making your way into the FIB building.
  • Tip #4: Once you are inside the building, you will have access to the different rooms, elevator and staircase, besides exploring the part of the FIB building that has been burnt down in the game.

In related news, DomisLive reveals some smart tips and tricks to activate the Skateboard Flying glitch in GTA Online, with due credit to one of his subscribers named Josh.

Here is how you do it:

  • You will need a sidekick and a train to make this glitch work.
  • Also, it is advisable to try this glitch with one of your friends in GTA Online, as you will need to hijack a train from the nearest railway-track in the game.
  • Go to the location earmarked on the in-game mini-map (see video) and get into the train using one of the low-elevated platforms without the goods container.
  • Run all the way to the rear end of the platform and climb up to reach the last carrier of the train.
  • Tip #5: This glitch has been tested to work on the current-gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) only and may not work on the last-gen gaming systems due to the Passive Mode system.
  • Just get to the spot where you want to perform this glitch and then get into cover mode by pressing R1 button on the PlayStation consoles and RB button on the Xbox consoles.
  • Bring up the interactive menu and scroll down to highlight the Passive Mode menu option.
  • Then enable the Passive Mode and after sometime you can disable the Passive Mode, before quitting the interaction menu.
  • Now as you continue to be in the cover mode, you will see yourself drift or slide underneath the train's carrier, as the Skateboard animation kicks off once you start gliding on the railway track and leave the train behind.
  • You continue to be in Skateboard animation mode as long as your friend is onboard the train or the train has completely disappeared from your vicinity.
  • Tip #5: Sometimes you may hit some obstacles on either side of the track and launch yourself into thin air or get stuck at some fencing or barrier. In such cases you need to repeat the steps from the scratch to be able to use the Skateboard animation glitch.