Renowned Youtuber TwoDynamic has revealed some smart tips and tricks to transfer any DLC car such as Franklin's buffalo for free from single-player to multiplayer after 1.16 Patch in GTA Online.

As the YouTuber admits, the gameplay footage for this glitch has been credited to FantasticalGamer, while the glitch has been discovered by a discerning GTA 5 tipster known as ShadyGamers.

This glitch allows you to transfer or duplicate any low-end to mid-range car from the SP to MP version of GTA 5, while some high-end supercars seem to be blacklisted by Rockstar Games.

Here is how you do it:

  • Get any single-player DLC vehicle of your choice from Trevor's garage, as they are available for free whenever you play with this character in story mode.
  • Tip #1: The car transfer glitch is found to work only while playing as Trevor in SP or MP mode. So, please keep this in mind while performing this glitch in GTA Online.
  • Drive your favourite car that you want to transfer from SP to MP to the Strip Club.
  • Park the car at the parking lot in front of the Strip Club and get out of the vehicle in story mode.
  • Make a quick save of the game. Then get into any random vehicle and drive away from the Strip Club.
  • Once you have moved to a safe distance from your DLC car, just hit Start and choose Invite Only Session.
  • At this moment, just ensure that you are outside the garage and your spawn location is set to last location.
  • Now hit the Start button and head over to the Xbox Live or PlayStation game store and tap the A button once.
  • Then tap the Xbox guide button and select "Join Session in Progress". You could choose a single lap with two player race for this purpose.
  • Once you have entered an online session, watch out for the loading screen that reads "transitioning to the Xbox Game Store". Right at this moment start mashing the A button as you get stuck in the loading screen.
  • Hit the B button in case you get any pop-up messages on the screen.
  • Walk into any job location marker available in your vicinity and then hit the D-Pad to pull out the interaction menu.
  • Now choose the Host option by pressing the A button.
  • Wait for two to three seconds and then disconnect the Ethernet cable or turn off your router or modem.
  • At this moment, you will see an alert message saying: "Connection to Xbox Live was lost."
  • Now reconnect the Ethernet cable and reboot the router/modem. Hit the Xbox guide button and choose connect to Xbox Live.
  • Wait until you are reconnected and then hit the Xbox guide button again to exit the guide. Now mash up the A button on the ensuing alert message.
  • You will respawn into an online session with your single-player character. For instance, you might find yourself re-spawned as Micheal, inside his own house.
  • You might find that the character is frozen and you need to visit the Game Store again.
  • At this moment press B and you will respawn into a random online session or get an invite from a friend to join his invite only online session in GTA 5.
  • Now your single-player character will be transferred into the multiplayer version of the game.
  • Once again you will find your character Michael getting stuck inside the house.
  • Just go to the location of a potted plant at one corner of the house. Then enter the Game Store and quickly back out of it to respawn into the same session and get free roam access in GTA Online.
  • Ask your friend to meet up with you exactly at the same spot where you parked your car at the Strip Club parking lot.
  • Let your friend watch over your car in the parking lot, while you enter the Game Store.
  • Hit the B button again to quit the Game Store and the DLC car should now be successfully transferred from SP to MP mode of the game.
  • Your friend can now access the DLC vehicle and get into it. Meanwhile, you need to get yourself killed and respawn into the session to be able to see this vehicle you just transferred into the online mode.
  • Note: if the suicide trick didn't work for you, just leave the session and rejoin your friend's session by asking him to send you an invite.

You can now ride off in your favourite car and roam the streets of Los Santos and Blaine County with your friend in GTA Online.

Please let us know in the comments section below, if you were able to successfully transfer your cars from SP to MP using this glitch in GTA Online.