GTA 5 Online: Hacked Garage or Destructive Cars Modded Garage, Single-Player to Multiplayer Character Glitches Explained
GTA 5 Online: Hacked Garage or Destructive Cars Modded Garage, Single-Player to Multiplayer Character Glitches Explained Rockstar Games

The ever-growing number of glitches and mods have been marring the user-gameplay experience in GTA Online, while Rockstar seems to be caught off guard given its busy schedule for the development of upcoming DLCs as well as the grand release of GTA 5 next-gen in the coming weeks.

Recently, a bunch of new glitches have surfaced in GTA Online including the hacked garage or Destructive Cars Modded Garage and Single-Player to Multiplayer Character glitches which have been distracting GTA 5 gamers worldwide.

Pointing out one such instance, renowned YouTuber DomisLive (aka Dom) has revealed his personal experience with the newly released Hacked Garage mod or Destructive Cars Modded Garage in GTA Online, wherein he talks about flying cars making brutal assaults on him whenever he tries to enter his garage.

One can notice sparks flying off the cars' backs when they erratically hit the wall, while also running over human players as if they are waging an all-out war against the humans.

As Dom admits, the new Destructive Garage mod prevents him from even accessing a single car from his garage. And this one seems to be a critical game-breaking glitch unleashed by some angry fans or modders in protest against Rockstar's delay in releasing the highly-desirable DLCs for the game such as Heists, Casino and Zombie DLCs.

Though the game seemed to be on course with the 1.16 update fixing most of the game-breaking glitches and bugs, fresh glitches always seem to creep in from nowhere as if to prove that Rockstar has a lot of work to do in order to fix the online version of the immensely successful action-RPG game.

Now the modders seem to have wrested the game control from Rockstar's hands for some reason and nothing seems to be working right in GTA Online at the moment.

The YouTuber explains that stealing a car from the streets or calling his mechanic to deliver his favourite car seem to be the only available options for him at the moment, as he is barely managing to survive the onslaught of an ill-configured, game-breaking Destructive Garage mod in GTA Online.

Please let us know in the comments section below, if you have been affected by any of these glitches and mods in GTA Online.

In related news, another discerning YouTuber iCrazyTeddy reveals some interesting tips and tricks using the Single-Player (SP) to Multiplayer (MP) Character glitches in GTA Online.

With due credit to renowned YouTuber TwoDynamicHD it is now possible to view the complete gameplay video as part of this tutorial for using the SP to MP Character glitches in the game.

Here is how you do it:

  • Just drive your car to the nearest garage and set the spawn location to the last location in order to make this glitch work.
  • Now press Start and login to Xbox Live or PlayStation game store after choosing Yes to Confirm access to the store.
  • Join a session in progress which may include a deathmatch, a race or some sort of Rockstar verified job in GTA Online.
  • After you click on the option to "Join Session in Progress", you need to keep tapping the A button on Xbox 360 or the X button on the PS3. This action will cancel the deathmatch and reload the game session while also loading the game store simultaneously.
  • At this moment, you will receive a prompt to spectate. However, you must hit B or Circle button and exit the session.
  • Tip #1: This is how you could keep glitching between SP to MP character in GTA Online which could open up a whole new level of glitches that could work to your advantage in the game.
  • In the second part of this glitch, you need to walk up to the mission location marker on the map.
  • Now go ahead and choose the Host option from the game options menu by tapping A on Xbox 360 or X on PS3.
  • Pull out the Ethernet cable when you see the loading screen with a small rotating circle. Right at this moment you will see a message saying: "Connection to Xbox Live was lost".
  • Now plug back your Ethernet cable, Turn on the router and Sign into Xbox Live once again.

Tip #2:If you are on PS3 press the guide button to exit the session and then tap A to accept the confirmation. At this moment you will be glitched out to the maximum level in the game.

Tip #3: Once you respawn into the game you will be frozen and generally appear inside the playable character's own apartment. For instance, you might respawn inside Michael's garage in GTA 5.

Tip #4: In case you find yourself trapped inside Michael's house, simply go near the potted plant in the corner and then try logging into the game store. Right at this movement try to walk into the adjacent wall, while the game is still transitioning you (you will see a loading screen) into the game store. Now you can back out of the game store and you are free to roam around as if you were a ghost in GTA Online.