Avid GTA Online gamers are in for some great news as they can now undergo a one-time character gender change as well as rest assured that Rockstar has now given more power to moderators and server administrators to ensure fair-play, while banning repeat defaulters, hackers, modders and cheaters. Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) shares some useful tips and tricks for changing your character's gender in GTA Online, while also playing safe to avoid the ban from Rockstar.

As Ross explains in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online, Rockstar has added new anti-cheater protocols and system code into their game servers with the release of Freemode update. This new anti-cheater system regularly monitors all the players' account balance, acquired weapons, vehicles and properties and compares them with the threshold value coded into the stats server. If any player's stats exceed the limit, then the Rockstar support team will immediately receive an alert message from the server.

With due credit to user LondonTown2004 and se7ensins gaming forum, it is ascertained that a lot of new anti-cheater coding and Rockstar's ability to change a player's gender (one-time only) on request would invariably change the gameplay experience for all avid fans of GTA Online. Besides, it has been clarified that the gender change is possible only while creating a new game account via Rockstar's Social Club.

As part of the changes introduced into the new anti-cheat and banning system, Rockstar has now corrected the stats of various accounts with huge amounts of snacks, owning unlimited bullets, massive amounts of RP and money in bank and wallet cash, apart from possessing unattainable weapons. For instance, a new line of code for Ammo Stat Correction code in the game (see screenshot below) seems to prevent players from getting unlimited body armour, unlimited snacks and unlimited bullets using mods and cheats through hack/script tools or trainers.

GTA Online
New Ammo Stat Correction code for GTA Online LondonTown2004 via se7ensins

In the next screenshot (below), you can notice the modified game code to prevent money cheats and monitoring bank balance (in-game stats vs server-side script threshold):

GTA Online anti-cheater script
GTA Online: Bank Balance Stat Correction code LondonTown2004 via se7ensins

As Ross notes, the anti-cheater script determines the base values for high, cheater and shark card bank threshold. Consequently, modders and hackers now run high risk of getting caught, thanks to the new anti-cheater script and banning system from Rockstar.

As part of the Freemode update, the game maker has introduced some enhancements into the game to enable Rockstar Games' moderators to ban, mute, kick, freeze and modify player's in-game stats. Although the proposed changes were initially meant for the PC platform, there is no denying that Rockstar might actually implement these tough measures on consoles as well.

There is also a provision to lift temporary bans, besides offering a one-time gender change for valid reasons and propositions such as creating better opportunity for matchmaking. However, this one-time change is possible only when a player creates a new account, in addition to the existing one in GTA Online.

If you are still sceptical, check out Ross's exciting gameplay video (below), which explains gender change with an example of how to place a request on Rockstar's support forums: