GTA 5 Online Freemode DLC
GTA Online Freemode DLC: Patch 1.29 secret upgrades and features revealed Rockstar Games

Renowned YouTubers iCrazyTeddy and MrBossFTW reveal a bunch of new secret upgrades and features ported into the recently released Freemode DLC for GTA 5 Online along with the patch update 1.29. Rockstar has added a few nifty features and stability fixes to the game for minimising errors and bugs with GTA Online gameplay.

As iCrazyTeddy notes in his latest gameplay video, the job markers placed across the game world have reportedly been buggy, wherein if any player pushed you into the marker zone then the designated mission or job would start automatically without your consent. Fortunately, Rockstar has patched up this glitch by adding an option to activate any job from the marker by pressing the left D-pad button on consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) or the 'E' key on the PC.

A couple of key fixes added to the game include the network stability fix, game progression fix for daily objectives, and the transition fix from single-player to multiplayer to make game loading and saving even smoother than before. In addition, the price glitch with purchasing vehicles and appearance glitch with tattoos, T-shirts and masks has been addressed in the latest 1.29 update.

Craters and props can now be added into the game world using Rockstar Editor and content creator, which comes in handy for designing mega-ramps in GTA Online. On the downside, none of the Freemode DLC features will be available on last-gen consoles (PS3 and Xbox 360), owing to storage space constraints on these gaming platforms.

You can now accept a friend invite while you are still playing in a story mode session. This feature was blocked earlier, as you could normally see a pop-up message saying "Friend invites disabled..."

Additional helicopter and plane spawning locations have also been added for Pegasus vehicles in the game. Hide or show blip option is now available through the interaction menu, besides a fully-customisable mini-map at your disposal in GTA Online.

In related news, another popular YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) points out a few interesting changes and secrets added into the game with the release of Freemode DLC for GTA Online.

One of the noteworthy changes includes the Hide Options added to the interaction menu, which can be activated by holding down the Select button on Xbox One or the Center button on PS4. Using this menu, you can hide certain jobs, events and customise what you would like to see on the in-game mini-map, as well as help you clear unwanted pop-ups appearing on the top-left side of your screen.

It is now possible to identify who is the Beast in the current session for 'Hunt the Beast' event in GTA Online by navigating to the Start Menu > Online tab > Players and hovering the mouse over the player names. In the Player list, you can notice that one player's character appearance will change into the form of a beast.

By selecting the player (playing as the beast) from the Start menu you can actually see the blip that marks the exact location of the beast on the in-game mini-map. This way you can easily trace down and kill the beast with ease for earning tons of RP and cash in GTA Online.

Rockstar has restored the Bad Sport parameter during the freemode events and if you leave any such event before it ends, then it will automatically increase your Bad Sport rating and you might be kicked off from the subsequent events. Besides, unwanted player killing spree and violence could also get you a 'Bad Sport' tag from fellow players and you should exercise extra caution, especially if you want to make quick money and RP through these events.

The Barracks military truck can now be spotted at certain locations, during specific hours of the game in GTA Online. Also completing any five of the brand new Freemode events or challenges will make you eligible for GTA$50,000 bonus in-game cash and an exclusive Vapid t-shirt.