GTA 5 Online: Secret Locations for Rarest Nemesis Bike and Insane Ferris Wheels Mod Explained
GTA 5 Online: Secret Locations for Rarest Nemesis Bike, Insane Ferris Wheels Mod Explained Rockstar Games

Renowned GTA 5 tipster, Typical Gamer, has revealed a nifty trick to easily acquire the rarest Principe Nemesis bike in GTA Online as it is neither available in any of the missions nor available for purchase online.

As the tipster notes, the bike is very similar to the PCJ-600 race bike in GTA 5 with its key distinction being the Nemesis logo featuring on both sides of the fuel tank.

Tip #1: This bike can be reportedly found at specific locations as it spawns at a particular period of time in GTA Online.

Tip #2: The key to finding this bike is to team up with a lower ranked player whose ranking is anywhere around Rank 1 to Rank 15.

Tip #3: If you do not find a lower level ranked player to join your quest in finding this bike, then it could be really difficult to force this bike to spawn at the designated location.

Tip #4: Nemesis tends to spawn only at night times and your chances of finding this bike increases if you are already riding a bike for this quest.

Tip #5: The most frequently confirmed location where the Nemesis usually spawns is around the Simeons dealership location (either in the front, back or on the side) at night.

You may find this bike while performing one of the Simeons Dealership missions in the game or by manually setting a waypoint to the location and then moving there.

Tip #6: Try driving the bike slightly to the north, go under the bridge and take the right (check the video for assistance). Then take the far right at the Ammu-Nation and you will reach the Simeons Dealership. You can now check if the Nemesis is available there.

Tip #7: If you are performing Rooftop Rumble at night, you might just turnaround and find the Nemesis bike parked somewhere in the mission area. Randomly, you may find this bike at Weazel towers or Ethan Martin's house. However, Rooftop Rumble is your best bet in finding the Nemesis.

Once you have acquired the Nemesis, you can customise the primary and secondary colours on the bike.

As the bike comes with decent top-speed, acceleration and transmission capability, it does not feature any custom upgrades for engine parts. However, look wise it is surely a great bike to own in GTA 5.

Insane Ferris Wheels Mod

GTA 5 Online: Secret Locations for Rarest Nemesis Bike, Insane Ferris Wheels Mod Explained
Truth behind Insane Ferris Wheels Mod explained

In related news, another discerning tipster, DomisLive (aka Dom), sheds some light on the concept of Insane Ferris Wheels Mod in GTA Online.

According to the tipster, a bunch of modders seem to have added the Insane Ferris Wheels Mod to the online gameplay, while a bunch of gamers have been reportedly infected with this glitch while playing in the same room as the modders.

Once the infected gamers leave the room and join another room, they inadvertently infect other gamers who join the game in GTA Online.

Quite similar to the Infinity UFO Mod that made waves on Twitter recently, the Insane Ferris Mod seems to have driven some gamers crazy as they reportedly tweet the snapshots of this Mod in action to renowned YouTubers including Dom.

Dom explains that the Insane Ferris Mod could have been leaked online by modders as some pranksters started blackmailing them for claiming credits for the Mod as in the case of Infinity UFO Mod.

Here is how to get rid of the Insane Ferris Wheels Mod infection on your consoles: Just go to system settings and clear the system cache in GTA 5. This trick works for both Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms.

The tipster concludes that there is a system level breach in Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles that is preventing Rockstar Games from patching up the new glitches introduced through such insane Mods in GTA Online.

Consequently, the Mod induced glitches are likely to resurface on Xbox 360 and PS3 even if Rockstar patches up the existing glitches in the game.

On the flip side, the game developer seems to have discovered the secret to block hackers from modding the game or being able to play flash games or burning copies of GTA 5 illegally on Xbox One and PS4.

Are these glitch inducing Mods hampering your gameplay in GTA Online or are you unaffected by these Mods? Please leave your comments below.