Avid GTA 5 gamers are in for a special treat, as it is now possible to become a quick billionaire and level up fast in GTA Online with due credit to unlimited money and RP glitches for Patch 1.19/1.20/1.21 released by discerning YouTubers, ALLSILENCED and Sernandoe.

As the YouTuber ALLSILENCED notes, the new unlimited money glitch for patch 1.19/1.20 and 1.21 will work fine on both last-gen and current-gen game consoles.

Solo Unlimited Money Glitch for Patch 1.19/1.20/1.21

First up, let's take a look at the step-by-step guide to using solo unlimited money glitch in GTA Online, following the 1.19 update or 1.20 update or 1.21 update.

Here is how you do it:

  • Ask one of your friends to host a closed friend or invite only session and you join that session with your friend in GTA Online
  • Then steal a random car from the street and take it over to the Los Santos customs shop
  • Now go head and install as many vehicle upgrades as possible on the stolen car, based on your budget and available money balance in your in-game account
  • The catch here is that you will stand a chance to earn more money when you duplicate the car, depending on the number of expensive parts installed on it. So, make the most of your liquid cash in the bank
  • Tip #1: Ensure that you do not put a tracker or insurance permit on the vehicle to avoid complications and hassles while selling the stolen vehicle
  • After all the top upgrades are installed on your car, invite your friend to enter your car and ask him to take the passenger seat in the front
  • Now drive the car to your nearest apartment in GTA Online and then ask your friend to take the driver seat, while you shift to the front passenger seat
  • At this point, ensure that your gaming rig is connected to the internet via a unified modem/router (combo device). Then disconnect the internet connection cable from your console as shown in the video (below)
  • Tip #2: If you do not have a unified modem/router configuration, then you need to use Xlag which can be downloaded from here
  • Tip #3: Xlag allows you to create a lag in the lobby, so that your friend gets disconnected or terminated from the current online session
  • Tip #4: In other words, Xlag creates a split lobby wherein your friend moves to another lobby, while you stay back in the original lobby with the game status saved in GTA Online
  • Tip #5: The moment Xlag splits the lobby, it is going to create a duplicate car for your friend. So, you now have two cars of the same make and model in the game
  • Now drive your original car and park it inside your apartment garage
  • Then exit the garage and open the Start menu or Option menu on the PS4
  • Then press Start and Go to Friends and then you need to join your friend's online session
  • Once you join your friend's online session, you will actually notice that your car has been duplicated with your friend still occupying the driver seat in the car
  • Now ask your friend to get out of the vehicle and then drive your car into the apartment garage
  • Rinse and repeat this process to duplicate the car any number of times until your garage is filled with the most expensive cars
  • Then take out one of the duplicated cars and drive it to LS Customs
  • In this way, you can sell all your duplicated cars one by one and become a quick billionaire in GTA Online

You need to bear it in mind that the more money you spend on upgrading your vehicle, you will earn that much more money when you decide to sell it off at the LS customs after duplicating it.

On the downside, this glitch will set the 45-minute timer window, before you can duplicate your next car.

Solo Unlimited Money Glitch for Patch 1.19/1.20/1.21 via Car Duplication (without 45 Minute Waiting)

Alternatively, those who want to bypass the 45-minute timer window and make millions of GTA$ can employ the new solo unlimited money glitch from ExtremeGamingVideos.

Check out the detailed video tutorial for the same (below):

Solo Unlimited RP Glitch for Patch 1.19/1.20

With due credit to another discerning YouTuber Sernandoe, it is now possible to level up fast in GTA Online, using solo unlimited RP glitch after Patch 1.19 or 1.20.

Here is how you do it:

  • Get to the army base as shown in the game's mini-map (see video)
  • There is an easy way to enter the army base via the steep hill just adjacent to the underpass that is connected to some highway as shown in the video
  • Tip #1: Just get a fast car and accelerate it up the slope beside the underpass
  • Tip #2: This will give you an instant jump to get over the rear fencing as your car lands inside the army base
  • Once inside the army base, you will attract a four-star wanted level from the cops
  • Now just drive your car to the earmarked location (see video) and hide it behind the inner walls of the army base compound, so that the soldiers patrolling the area cannot find you
  • You need to wait at this location until the four-star wanted level is lifted.
  • Tip #3: As you hide behind the walls, the wanted level stars will start blinking and eventually fade away. At this moment, you will earn large amounts of experience points or Reputation points (RP) for your immaculate feat of staying undercover or undetected from the soldiers
  • Now just drive your car back to the gate opening at the inner fencing of the army base compound and the four-star wanted level will reappear
  • You just have to hide your car again to get rid of the wanted level and earn plenty of RP points for a simple job
  • Rinse and repeat this process to earn unlimited RP in no time and level up faster than ever in GTA Online

As the YouTuber notes, this RP glitch is best for those who are yet to cross Rank 100 in GTA Online as the RP points earned will be in smaller amounts compared to a few other high-end RP glitches spotted on the web.