GTA 5 Online Christmas DLC Special: Heist Bank mission gameplay and useful tips
GTA 5 Online Christmas DLC Special: Heist Bank mission gameplay and useful tips Rockstar Games

Discerning YouTubers, namely DomisLive (aka Dom), iCrazyTeddy and TwoDynamic, have shared some interesting moments with the first-ever Heist Bank mission gameplay for GTA 5 Christmas DLC as they embark on an adventurous showdown in the Holiday season.

Avid GTA 5 gamers will be entertained with some hilarious moments amid funny conversations throughout the video that lasts for about two hours and forty minutes.

Along the way to their funniest Bank Heist mission, the trio make some tentative plans to rob lucrative stores across Los Santos and Blaine County.

The trio of YouTubers display the varying gameplay experience with random switch between first and third person views, thanks to Rockstar's latest feature enhancements introduced with the 1.19 title update aka Christmas DLC for GTA 5.

Well if you were still thinking, the bank heist mission takes place at the renowned Pacific Standard bank which has long been rumoured to make its way into all three gaming platforms.

With the trio dressed up in their Christmas DLC costumes, we may recollect some glorifying moments from the infamous Joker's action sequences in the popular movie, The Dark Knight.

Although some dark humour could have made the gameplay experience a bit more riveting and dynamic, the trio keep you engaged with some funny, stupid and witty comments through the Heist mission.

With three star wanted level and cops on their trail, the trio face a daunting task in their bid to escape from the bank unharmed and deliver the three bags to the pre-designated location.

Getting killed by the heavily armed and well armoured cops becomes just a formality, as the three robbers step out of the strong room.

Both iCrazyTeddy and DomisLive lose their bags instantly, after getting killed by the cops barging into the bank.

Tip #1: If you die during a Bank Heist mission, you will re-spawn randomly at some point nearby to the mission location and you may be lost if you lose track of the marker on the map.

Tip #2: You may have to get inside the bank using the nearest entry point or even the side entrance for a quick breach, especially if you want to take down the cops by surprise.

Tip #3: Once the bags are in your hands, beware of your team members trying to double-cross you with a back-stab kill and taking away all your cash. You will need someone trustworthy to watch your back in such cases and protect these bags from being stolen.

Tip #4: Keep a Grenade Launcher handy as you will need to spray your explosives to clear your way out and escape the wild cop chase.

Tip #5: The cops keep re-spawning as long as you keep dying. So, avoid getting shot in the first place and make your escape quick with a perfect getaway plan. You may need loads of personnel mines to be laid as trap, if you want an easy getaway amid patrolling groups of cops around the bank.

Tip #6: Lester will be unavailable for help during Heist missions. Keep this in mind as you won't get any reprieve if you are surrounded by cops.

Watch the rest of the action-packed Heist thriller in the video below, as Dom and iCrazyTeddy team up to protect their hard-earned bags while TwoDynamic plays spoilsport by picking them off one by one and ruining their plans to getaway.

You can also catch more action on Heist Land Race, Bike race and store robbery later in the video.