GTA 5 Online: Rape Mod and Modded Money Lobbies are back in 1.19 update
GTA 5 Online: Rape Mod and Modded Money lobbies are back in 1.19 update

Avid GTA 5 gamers are reportedly complaining about hackers and modders trying to ruin their gameplay with Rape Mod and Modded Money lobbies once again wreaking havoc in GTA Online.

Owing to several fan requests, renowned YouTuber DomisLive (aka Dom) has released a new video detailing the consequences of Rape Mod and Modded Money lobbies on the game.

Hackers and modders are apparently exploiting a huge system level breach in the game to employ mod menus, which is bound to affect all last-gen console gamers in the same way as the notorious Infinity UFO mods and the garage glitch.

After talking to renowned GTA 5 tipster, fmw2, Dom has ascertained that the game would be completely broken if these glitches and exploits are not fixed quickly, especially given Rockstar's eagerness to expand the game with loads of DLC releases in the near future.

GTA Online modders and hackers are reportedly capable of cloning your online character, injecting rape mod into the online lobbies to remotely control your character, and also introduce illegitimate money into your character's in-game account.

Such powerful capabilities with the use of mods seem to be beyond Rockstar's control, as the game maker's repeated attempts at fixing these mods have not been foolproof or fruitful, with new exploits or glitches cropping up after every new title update for GTA Online.

As confirmed by discerning GTA 5 tipster, fmw2, here is the complete list of feats that the modders are capable of doing with the use of modded menus in GTA Online, following the release of 1.19 update aka Christmas DLC:

  • Explode player
  • Kick player
  • Attach self to back of player
  • Spawn money around player
  • Taze player
  • Give player money off
  • Shoot RPG at player
  • Rape player
  • Forcefield on/off - ability to turn on God Mode using forcefield feature for themselves
  • Esp off
  • Make player explode another player
  • Disable player tasks off
  • Clone player

On the brighter side, all these mods and glitches are currently affecting only the last-gen consoles. So, it is imperative to fix these exploits and glitches before they make their way into the current-gen systems including the PC.