Avid Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) gamers have for long been eagerly awaiting the release date announcement for their next-gen consoles and the PC.

GTA 5: Rockstar to Announce PS4, Xbox One and PC Release at E3?

Meanwhile, fresh rumours of an impending GTA 5 release for all three said platforms have surfaced online, while a recent report by DualShockers suggests that Rockstar is expected to announce the game release at E3.

A Twitter user, Lokiolr, recently shed some light on the expected GTA 5 release date announcement for the three gaming platforms.

According to the report, here is what Lokiolr told DualShockers:

Rockstar had something amazing to show but bailed at the last minute. Expect an E3 announcement from them this year. Likely GTA V on nextgen...

The statement by Lokiolr gains precedence as he describes himself as the "Co-founder of the Voice of Geeks Network Host of Orange Lounge Radio XBOX", according to LatinPost.

The GTA 5 E3 release rumour is further strengthened by the fact that GK4.me, a German website, is reportedly selling Steam keys for a PC version of GTA 5. However, some gamers have allegedly been red flagged by the same website for some reason.

Furthermore, Motoring Crunch reports:

... the Steam keys have been on sale for the three weeks now.

The worrying thing is that when demands are high, the scammers will tend to take advantage of these situations.

Just a few days ago, Eurogamer Portugal reported that the PS4 version of GTA 5 was listed for pre-orders by the Portuguese retailer, Worten.

In the past few weeks, several European online retailers have randomly listed the PC, Xbox One and PS4 versions of GTA 5 for pre-orders including the popular Amazon Germany, Amazon Spain and Amazon France, besides the Czech retailer SuperGamer listing all three versions of the game.

It is widely speculated that the game will be released for PC, Xbox One and PS4 starting 13 June, as it falls on a Friday, a popular day for game releases.