Discerning GTA 5 gamers have unearthed a new unlimited RP glitch, despite Rockstar's Stubborn efforts to patch up all existing exploits in the online mode following a spate of user complaints with unfair gameplay.

GTA 5: New Unlimited RP Glitch Revealed in 1.11 Patch
Earn fast unlimited RP using a glitch in GTA 5 Online mission: Factory Closure

The 1.11 patch which includes the Business Update reportedly fixes several exploits including numerous unlimited money and RP glitches. However, curious GTA 5 gamers have been digging out fresh exploits unabated, as new bugs keep copping up with every new update or patch released by Rockstar.

Here is how you do it:

  • Just hit the Start button to begin a new online session.
  • Now choose Online tab and click Jobs.
  • Go to Host Jobs > choose Rockstar Created and choose Missions.
  • Scroll down the missions list and locate the mission that reads "Factory Closure".
  • To start this mission, you will need two other people or a couple of friends.
  • Adjust the game and player settings after you have invited your friends to join the mission.

NOTE:This glitch still works after installing the 1.11 title update as it uses a new Sniper's exploit.

  • Now ask your friends to follow you to the waypoint or the mission objective. Your first objective is to the reach the factory rooftop.
  • Explore the opportunity to use the latest super-sports car Grotti Turismo R, while you enjoy the ride to the factory premises.
  • Once you get to the factory entrance, climb over the nearby ladder that is facing the road and leading to the rooftop.
  • Just run through the objective marker on the rooftop and take your position at the opposite edge of the rooftop and start shooting at your enemies.
  • Your objective is to protect the trailer at all costs and annhilate the intruders who are trying to destroy the truck.
  • Let your friends take their vantage points on the roof, as you clear out all the enemies while constantly moving closer to the trailer by climbing down the elevated platforms using ladders.
  • The enemies keep respawning for some time... So, you need to keep moving quickly and take position at the second vantage point.
  • Now clear out the remaining respawned intruders and you are done with the shooting.
  • Get down slowly using pipes, pillars or ladders (whatever seems feasible) and avoid the fall damage by not trying to jump too early (else you might kill yourself and the mission will fail).
  • Once you get down, a few more gangsters pop out and try to stop you from the adjacent rooftops.
  • Take them out one by one using your sniper or an assault rifle. They keep respawning and you can either continue killing them or get inside the truck and drive away to complete the mission.

This is a unique unlimited RP glitch which allows you to earn RP points until you decide to complete the mission.

For further assistance, watch the video below: