GTA 5 DLC: Leaked Audio Files Hint at Casinos, Dirt-Track Racing and More
GTA 5 DLC: Leaked Audio Files Hint at Casinos, Dirt-Track Racing and More

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) recently received the most eagerly awaited Beach Bum DLC with a new content expansion pack alongside 1.06 Title Update (patch) for GTA Online. Members of NeoGAF forum have reportedly uncovered some new GTA 5 audio files which point to exciting new features and jobs lined up for the game's story mode and/or online mode.

The audio files extracted from Beach Bum update feature dialog scripts referencing to GTA 5's popular characters including Lester, Martin Madrazo and Brucie. According to Eurogamer, the voice actors for Martin Madrazo, Brucie and Lester can be heard discussing the upcoming new features in the game: casinos, off-road dirt-track racing and new camera features for in-game phone that allows the player to spy on designated strangers during missions.

The leaked data in the DLC's audio files also has a reference to swimming with sharks. The uncovered dialogue clips pertaining to a couple of said characters reveal variations on the same dialogue or conversation, which could actually suggest that the new content will be introduced for both single-player story mode and GTA Online.

The leaked files also hint at a reference to gun-running and involvement in business investment. With several hints about Casino heists surfacing online recently, a new multiplayer DLC is definitely on the cards.

Check out the YouTube audio clip depicting the interesting conversation between the three game characters: Lester, Martin Madrazo and Brucie for the highly anticipated multiplayer DLC:

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