Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) has been Rockstar Games' most successful game title ever thanks to its rewarding career with inherent exploits, including free open-world exploration capabilities that foster the ability to unearth hidden treasures and secrets scattered all over the map. Besides, the game conceals trade secrets that help the gamer get super-rich in no time.

In an earlier post, IBTimes UK discussed how the stock markets (Liberty City National Stock Exchange (LCN) and BAWSAQ) can be controlled and manipulated to earn big money. In case you missed it, check out our detailed guide here.

Though our earlier guide would suffice to earn a few thousand dollars ($GTA) in quick time, it does not entitle you to grab unlimited money for that winning edge in the crime-infested Los Santos. The second part of this stock market guide clearly helps you overcome the limitations you faced earlier by removing restrictions on your total earning capability.

With GTA 5 hiding loads of inherent exploits to be unearthed, any hard-core gamer could influence the stock markets through in-game actions and consequences. For instance, the LCN stock is affected only by offline player's in-game events, while BAWSAQ is influenced by actions of all participating players in the GTA online community.

How to Manipulate LCN Stocks without Investing a Dollar

According to the Gamer Headlines, given the complexity of guessing other players' buying and selling pattern with GTA online stocks (via Rockstar Social Club), it makes your task of manipulating BAWSAQ stocks more difficult. Nevertheless, LCN stocks are easily influenced by the current in-game events and player's actions that create chaos, fear or confusion with people's perception of a particular company.

Depending upon your in-game actions, you can either propel the stocks higher or send them crashing down to bare minimal figures. For instance, pick a company, say Clucking Bell chain of restaurants which is making huge profits with rising stock value.

Your job is to send the stock prices down by creating massive chaos with destruction to life and property at all Clucking Bell food joints around Los Santos and Blaine County. You may gun down a few visitors or rob the cashier by either intimidating or killing him/her at point blank range with a gun or by setting explosives (recommended).

The chain of consequences (people losing faith in the company or ceasing all trades with them including food purchase) following a large-scale mayhem like this one will eventually bring down the company stocks to a paltry figure. You may have to give it multiple attempts just to ensure the chaos and confusion created at these restaurants reach the pinnacle.

Now, given the fallen prices, you could easily buy a lot of shares with your hard-earned money. Remember the stock market secret to get rich: buy cheap, but sell expensive. Now, the second part of the trick is to make sure that the stock prices for Clucking Bell will sky rocket again. To achieve this feat, just go out and create a massive destructive mayhem against Clucking Bell rival, TacoBomb (you may use explosives, mini-gun and/or rocket launcher).

The catch here is to bring down rival shares and thereby boost Clucking Bell shares indirectly. TacoBomb will take a massive hit to its business as a direct consequence of chaos and fear created by you, and will fetch you big returns on your Clucking Bell shares when you decide to sell them off.

Given a handful of companies (restaurants, car showrooms, clothes and accessories) and their competitors in GTA 5, you can choose your bait and destroy the other for minting loads of money in no time.

Here is the list of a few companies and their competitors in the game, whom you can exploit for a quick money-making spree:

    • Clucking Bell vs TacoBomb
    • CoolBeans vs BeanMachine
    • FlyUS vs AirEmu
    • Redwood vs Debonaire
    • MazeBank vs BankOfLiberty
    • Bilkington vs DollarPills
    • Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter vs Bullhead
    • RadioLosSantos vs WorldwideFM
    • Burgershot vs Up-An-Atom
    • eCola vs Raine
    • GoPostal vs PostOP
    • Pisswasser vs Logger

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