James Gunn
James Gunn with a racoon because why not? Getty

James Gunn recently found himself the butt of a bestiality joke after he made a remark that seemed to suggest that he liked having sex with racoons. The Guardians Of The Galaxy director was forced to clarify that his comments during a recent GQ interview did not come out the way he intended.

During a round table conversation with some of Hollywood's other big directors, Gunn recalled getting the call for Guardians. "I was like, 'I love f**kin' racoons, I love space operas, and I love comic books. It was what I was made to do."

Edgar Wright, who directed Baby Driver, immediately pointed out that "'I love f**kin' racoons' is not going to look good in print."

The Belko Experiment director had to then clear the air before his words were misconstrued. "I have never actually f****d a racoon. I swear," he joked.

Talking about the film franchise that resuscitated his career, Gunn revealed that he came very close to giving up directing altogether before getting this big break. "Two weeks before I got Guardians Of The Galaxy, I called up my agent and I quit film directing," he said.

"I'm like, 'I want to be relevant. You know? The only thing people are going to see are Marvel movies, and nobody's gonna give me a Marvel movie.'

"And it was two weeks later that I got the call that 'Hey, come in and talk to us about doing Guardians.'"

The success of the Marvel franchise has made Gunn one of the most sought-after directors of the moment, but he still finds the fame incredulous. "Every f*****g morning, in spite of myself, I lean over in my bed and I pick up my cell-phone, to see what it made all over the world, in every f*****g territory," he said.