Far-right group Britain First, which has been banned from London and entering any UK mosques, recently became a victim to angry hackers, who posted death threats on one of the organisation's leader's website, warning the group to 'stop being racist to Muslims'.

Unknown hackers reportedly hacked and defaced the Twitter account of Britain First leader Paul Golding and the personal website of the organisation's deputy leader Jayda Fransen.

According to reports, Paul Golding's Twitter account was altered by hackers such that his name was changed to read "racist f****** chav". Hackers also allegedly publicly leaked Golding's personal details, including his home address. Fransen's hacked website also allegedly featured similar text.

Hackers also posted angry messages, warning the far-right group, which is reportedly planning a march on 3 June in Birmingham, that "whoever goes to the march will die". The Independent reported that Fransen's hacked website featured threats from the hackers that read, "several bombs will detonate and those who will march be dead (sic)".

Hackers also deleted every one of Britain First's 176 videos from its YouTube account, HackRead reported. However, the defaced content has now been removed from Golding's Twitter account and Fransen's personal website, both of which are currently functioning normally.

The cyberattack is reportedly being investigated by the Metropolitan police. Britain First told The Independent that it was aware of the attack but refrained from commenting further.

The identity of the perpetrators behind the attack remains unclear. IBTimes UK has reached out to Britain First for further clarity on the matter and will update this article in the event of a response.

Hooded Hacker
The identity of the perpetrators behind the attack remains unclear iStock