Hackney Aston Martin damage
Gary Brissett was warned by a magistrate that he is facing a jail sentence for keying an Aston Martin in Hackney Met Police

Aston Martin Vanquish vandal Gary Brissett has been branded "silly" by a magistrate after he admitted keying the supercar in a Tesco supermarket in Hackney, London.

Brisset was caught on camera dragging his keys across the side of the £120,000 vehicle on 19 June, causing £7,741.28 ($11,780.45) worth of damage. The incident was viewed millions of times on social media after the footage, captured by the car's owner Oliver Hall, went viral. Appearing at Thames magistrates' court on Friday (4 September) the 48-year-old admitted criminal damage. He will be sentenced on 19 September and has been warned he faces jail.

Summing up, magistrate Carol Brabender was damning of Brissett. "You are a single father with a 13-month-old little baby and at that age they start to copy you," she said. "You have got to be a lot more proactive with your child. You are looking at a prison sentence. Who is going to look after your child, social services? What a stupid thing to do." In her coup de grâce, she added: "You're silly, aren't you? A man of your age too."