One Direction singer Harry Styles is angry with the hacker who broke into his mother's iCloud account and leaked private photos of him with Kendall Jenner. The leaked images were apparently taken while the two were holidaying with family and friends on the Caribbean island of Anguilla in January.

According to HollwoodLife, Twitter user @haarrystyles hacked into Anne Cox's iCloud account on 19 March. One of the leaked photos showed Harry smiling at the camera while Kendall has her arms wrapped around him, burying her face in his hair, it reported.

"Harry's brushing this off as just one of those things, it's not affecting him," a source told the magazine. "While they were private photos, and not meant to be seen by anyone else other than his close friends and family, there was nothing incriminating in them that could hurt him or his image, which means he's not really bothered personally."

"However, he's always been very protective of his mom and the fact that Anne has become the target of hackers does upset him. He's the famous one, so he expects to be fair game, but she's not in the public eye and that makes him angry that someone would mess with her."

"Whether or not he [Harry Styles] takes legal action is another story. He's well aware finding the hacker could be harder than shutting these pictures down online. He will consult his lawyers to see if it's worth it," the source said.

Kendall, who was romantically linked to Styles in January, was pictured with a mystery man following rapper Future's concert on 18 March. "The two were close to each other the entire night," a photographer on the scene told X17online. "Kendall doesn't usually act like this — she was laughing and enjoying her time with this guy."