Christmas 2015
The unmistakeable Gift Face greets a well-intentioned towel in Harvey Nichols Christmas campaign Harvey Nichols

We've all been there − that moment when you slowly remove the gift wrap to reveal a horrendously unwanted Christmas gift that will be immediately banished to a drawer or sneakily uploaded straight onto Ebay. While festive celebrations are not supposed to be just about presents, it is hard to think about that when you see beaming faces looking expectantly at you to enjoy your reaction to the gift that you really didn't want and as Harvey Nichols has beautifully put it, you are simply left with a "Gift Face".

The stalwart of the luxury store's Christmas 2015 campaign, the Gift Face is something no one will be unfamiliar with and Harvey Nichols has made it its aim to help you avoid it this year.

The definition on its website describes #GiftFace as the following:

The contortion of one's face when feigning excitement, happiness or gratitude for a terrible, terrible Christmas gift.'

Be it a pained smile, a raised eyebrow or an expression of sheer shock – sometimes there is no avoiding the awkwardness of giving your loved ones the dreaded Gift Face.

Despite the trend for emotional festive adverts, like John Lewis' Man On The Moon or Burberry's heart-warming homage to Billy Elliot, Harvey Nichols has always taken a fantastically direct and satirical approach to Christmas shopping and gift buying.

Its previous Christmas campaigns have included the 'Could I be any clearer?' Christmas cards that allowed you to send your loved ones cards stating what you want and the 'Sorry, I spent it on myself' campaign that rolled out a whole range of novelty branded gifts from paper clips to gravel that you could buy for family and friends for £1, once you had bought yourself something good of course. The campaign is yet another success for the real elves of Christmas, the agency Adam and Eve DDB, who are behind everything from John Lewis to Mulberry's memorable Christmas adverts.

To give you a head start with avoiding #GiftFace, here are some of the goods on offer at Harvey Nichols that will certainly not be returned on Boxing Day:

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