One of the men who stole £20m from safety deposit boxes in Hatton Garden has taken detectives to the spot where he buried his share of the loot. Danny Jones, 58, was escorted by armed guards from Belmarsh prison to Edmonton Cemetery at midday on Thursday (15 October), where he pointed out the site.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: "On 15 October, Met flying squad officers searched a venue in north London as part of an ongoing investigation where property was recovered."

According to Sky News, Jones' solicitor was present to witness the operation and police took photographs that may be used in evidence against him. A week ago, Sky said it had received a letter from Jones offering to reveal the whereabouts of the stolen goods.

"I've instructed my solicitor to tell the police flying squad that I want to give back my share of the Hatton Garden burglary. They said it's in motion. I now understand that the police said that the prison Belmarsh won't release me to the police. What a load of bull", he wrote to crime correspondent Martin Brunt.

"The police can't want it back, as I'm the only person in the world to know where it is, deep down. I want to do the right thing and give it back." He added: "'If I don't get the chance to go out under armed escort, I hope some poor sod who's having it hard out there with his or her family find the lot and have a nice life, as you never know, Martin, people do find things, don't they?"

Four men, including Jones, have admitted their involvement in the heist. Jones, John Collins, Terry Perkins and Perry Reader all pleaded guilty to conspiracy to burglary. Five others pleaded not guilty and are set to stand trial on 16 November at Woolwich crown court.

The dramatic raid occurred over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend when a masked gang used power tools, including an angle grinder, concrete drills and crowbars to break into the facility. They plundered 72 safety deposit boxes containing £20m worth of valuables.

In scenes reminiscent of a Hollywood blockbuster, the thieves disabled a second floor lift and climbed down to the basement of the deposit in Holborn before drilling through a 6ft (2m) thick vault wall.