Some of the world's most famous designer brands have decided to wage a war against fakes, claiming they're losing millions of pounds each year.

These little beauties might look convincing and feel great on your arm, but they're destined for a less than luxury ending because every single one of them is counterfeit. Customs officer have seized hundreds of tons of the stuff, stopping them from reaching the hands of eager Europeans and Americans who want a slice of a millionaire lifestyle for a fraction of the price.

Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent or Dior, Madam?? According to customs, most of these designer must-haves - which are now impounded here in this warehouse in Paris - are manufactured in China and shipped in on an enormous scale. And that's costing the authentic French manufacturers something in the region of six billions euros a year, that's around £4.8 billion.

Holidaymakers going through French airports this summer are being warned that if they're caught bringing designer fakes home, the goods will be seized and destroyed

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