It looks like this is the end for Inside Amy Schumer. The actress behind the Comedy Central show confirmed via Twitter that the series has been brought to an end. The announcement comes in the wake of the controversy kicked up by the show's writer and fellow comedian Kurt Metzger after he posted a message on Facebook criticising women who say they were raped but refuse to go to the police.

"I didn't fire Kurt," Schumer wrote in response to one of her follower's comments. "He isn't a writer for my show because we aren't making the show anymore. There are no writers for it," she stated. The sudden close to the show comes as a surprise considering it had been renewed for a fifth season in January.

"I am so saddened and disappointed in Kurt Metzger," Schumer tweeted after fans cornered her about not responding to his controversial comments. "He is my friend and a great writer and I couldn't be more against his recent actions."

The whole firestorm began with Metzger criticising improvisational and sketch-comedy group Upright Citzens Brigade for banning a male comedian after reports emerged he had allegedly raped multiple female comics. "With no details/proof/a story about what happened of any kind, a bunch of people feel comfortable declaring guilt and going out of their way to destroy someone," he wrote in the now-deleted post, which can still be viewed on "But I'm right and that's why we have a constitution and laws."

Since then, the writer has posted an apology of sorts, stating that he is not a "rape apologist".

Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer has been forced to publicly distance herself from her friend and show writer Kurt Metzger Brendon Thorne/Getty

"It was never my intent to antagonize victims or their supporters ... I stand by the points I made, but I sincerely apologize for using inflammatory language to make them," he explained, later adding it was he who convinced Schumer to disavow him. "I will not have other people have to go down for me ... And I resent that they connect me to her constantly," he added in a comment on the same post.

OK also can we enough with the messages blasting Amy when I specifically told her to do exactly what she did? You see...

Posted by Kurt Metzger on Wednesday, August 17, 2016