Remember the news about Apple employees accidentally running into the glass walls of the new campus?

Given the building probably holds some of the greatest engineering minds on the planet, it was hard not to laugh. Some workers were even putting post-it notes on the glass to stop people from running into it.

Much like a Simpsons prediction from a classic episode, it seems Apple may have been able to avoid the problem - if it just re-watched its own ads... The extended advert for the iPhone X - which was released in November - brags about new features such as Face ID, the A11 Bionic chip and wireless charging.

One feature that was also mentioned was the "most durable glass ever in a smartphone". And sure enough, the ad shows a person running into the camera as if running into a glass wall. It is hard not to imagine Apple employees at the new base in Cupertino doing exactly the same thing. Or maybe its a chicken and egg scenario and Apple got the idea from watching workers smack into the panels.

The design of the new building incorporates clear glass borders in a "statement of openness, of free movement", according to Wired.

"While it is a technical marvel to make glass at this scale, that's not the achievement," Jony Ive said. "The achievement is to make a building where so many people can connect and collaborate and walk and talk."