Apple t-shirt
A new line of t-shirts has taken a shot at Apple's recent troubles.

Remember Apple's most famous slogan: "Think different"?

It debuted in 1997 and took a shot at IBM's slogan "Think". Apple struck gold with the advertising campaign and it helped to kick-off the company's resurrection. Now in 2018, Apple is the world's most valuable company and is worth $752 billion USD, according to Statista.

But lately, there have been a few hiccups with the new iPhones and software. The X wouldn't let you make calls, facial recognition was all over the place and the worst sin of all, Apple revealed it was purposely slowing down old phones. Employees were even running into glass walls at the new campus.

In response, Throwboy has decided to have a sizable dig at the tech giant. It's new range of t-shirts make fun of Apple's "Think Different" slogan and offer some up-to-date alternatives.

Some of the T-shirts read:

  • It all just kinda works?
  • iThink Apple Forgot Me.
  • Make another ding in the universe.
  • Think different (again).
  • cmd + n ideas

The shirts are selling for $28 on the Throwboy website. Another popular slogan of the company "It Just Works" has fallen under scrutiny.

Roberto Hoyos wrote on the website's blog that he hopes the t-shirts will spark some conversation. "Whether you think the Cupertino tech giants are innovating or reiterating, the topic has become a debate within the Apple community for the past few years," Hoyos said.

"We decided to have a little fun in the form of this high quality, exclusive t-shirt collection that will hopefully spark some conversation around the company we like so much. Presenting the iWant More t-shirt collection. The t-shirts for the rest of us... that think they can do better."