Liverpool Hillsborough
At the Hillsborough inquiry, Roger Marshall claimed some fans have a responsibility for what happened Reuters/Nigel Roddis

Liverpool fans should take responsibility for events that led to 96 deaths at the Hillsborough disaster, a senior police officer who was at the stadium has told the inquiry.

Former South Yorkshire Police superintendent Roger Marshall said some fans "have a responsibility for what happened".

Asked by Pete Weatherby QC, who is representing 22 of the bereaved families, about fans' alcohol consumption, the retired policeman said if the disaster had not happened, he would not have thought about their drinking.

"People were not lying on the floor totally incapacitated. People quite rightly had a drink or two, but I can tell you that some people had a little too much and to the effect that it coloured their judgment," he said.

He was also questioned over Liverpool fans' delayed entry to the ground and said if fans who turned up at 2.45pm, 15 minutes ahead of kick off, had turned up at 2.35pm or 2.40pm it would have made no difference because they could not get in.

"People with any common sense would see that this area was completely packed with people. I just question why people would then push and move," Marshall said.

His evidence at the Warrington inquest comes one day after he admitted not delaying kick-off to relieve congestion in the stadium's Leppings Lane end.

"I could have requested a delay to the kick-off," Marshal told the inquest.

"I can tell you it's one of the most profound regrets of my experience at Leppings Lane on 15 April that I did not."

The inquest continues.