Police searching for more body parts after a severed head, hands and feet were discovered near the Hollywood sign say coyotes may have eaten the remains.

Los Angeles Police have been searching around Bronson Canyon Park for the missing body parts after two dog walkers discovered a head in a plastic bag on Tuesday and police discovered hands and feet a day later.

Police have so far been unable to identify the man, who is believed to be an Armenian-American aged between 40 and 60 years old.

Authorities have suggested if it was not for the two dog walkers who original found the head, the body parts may never have been discovered as the coyotes that roam the area at night would have destroyed all the remains if they had been there longer than a few days.

"If it had not been for the dog walker, we might never have found it," police commander Andrew Smith said in a statement.

Police are hoping to identify the man through fingerprints first, followed by DNA and dental records if they prove inconclusive.

They don't believe the head, feet and hands are connected to a torso police in Tucson, Arizona, found Jan. 6, Smith said. That was too long ago for the head and other parts to have survived in the condition in which they were discovered. The head was found inside a plastic bag.

Police also believe the victim was killed somewhere else and brought to the park.