Homeland season 6
Homeland season 6 returns 15 January on Showtime Showtime

Homeland season 6 premieres on 15 January at 9pm on Showtime, with a new show's setting as the series' production is moving to New York City. Claire Danes and Rupert Friend will return as Carrie Mathison and Peter Quinn in the 6th season.

The season 5 of the CIA drama ended on a cliffhanger with Carrie Mathison removing Quinn's pulse monitor as the fate of the CIA agent – who was declared brain dead – left hanging.

Here are 5 things to expect in Homeland season 6: [Warning: Spoilers ahead]

1. There is happy news for Carrie and Quinn fans, as the 6th season will find Quinn alive and undergoing therapy in New York City. Danes said at New York's Paley Center for Media [via Variety], "Carrie is in New York largely because Quinn is receiving therapy here."

2. Executive producer Alex Gansa teased that the season would be focused on counter-terrorism efforts in New York nearly two decades after 9/11. He said, "Homeland wants to objectively sit back and look at how scared we should be. I don't think Homeland wants to contribute to that fear. ... It's not going to be a story about a bomb going off

3. Mandy Patinkin, who plays Saul Berenson, teased the state of the Carrie-Saul relationship going into season 6. Saul is "in a prayerful state that he will reconnect with his child and bring her back into a world where she is destined to be a profound giver and caretaker to humanity," Patinkin said and added "that is her true gift."

Saul is invested in Carrie because he knows she's his ticket to redemption. "For me, this piece is this relationship." Saul's connection with Carrie "is why he is bothering to live."

4. Elizabeth Marvel is joining the Homeland season 6 as president-elect Elizabeth Keane. The House Of Cards actor's character is a former New York senator set to ascend to the presidency and is described as "bright, charming, lively, and, if the need arises, blunt".

5. Although Quinn is alive, but the Black Ops agent will not be doing so well in season 6. Alex Gansa said, "Quinn is alive — I can say that much. But we want to be really careful about revealing what his condition is. He suffered a major stroke last season... so he is a very changed and altered Quinn this year... He had a fairly rough ride last season, no doubt about it. Quinn this coming season will really represent a very profound and familiar casualty of the war on terror for our audience. What he endured last year is different from what he's going through this year [when it comes to Carrie]."