Homeland season 6 may have broken many fans hearts with the death of Peter Quinn in the finale episode, titled America First, but there is a lot to look forward to when the Showtime's series returns with season 7.

The season ended ominously with Carrie Mathison trying to understand her place in the world order set forth by President Elizabeth Keane's, as her long-time partner Peter Quinn died a hero trying to rescue Keane and Carrie from an array of bullets.

The final moments of episode 12 hinted at a potential "civil war" brewing between the White House and the U.S. intelligence community. Following the assassination conspiracy against first female president Elizabeth Keane, Saul, and other CIA officials were arrested, as Carrie seemingly came to terms that Dar Adal might have been right about Keane's "distinctly un-American" motives after all.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Homeland season 7 promo

The network has released a promo confirming that "Homeland will return for Season 7" starring Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin returning as Carrie and Saul, respectively. The promo features scenes from season 6 as it questions, "Everything has changed. But the threat remains." The clip ends with Carrie solemnly staring at the White House with uncertainty written all over her face.

Return date speculation

The network has not yet released the return date for season 7. However, the first five seasons of the show all premiered in the fall, and season 6 was the first premiere in January. Season 6 was pushed back to the winter release date of January 2017 after executive producer Alex Gansa requested a writing extension.

Co-executive Producer Howard Gordon explained to IndieWire in June 2016, "Time does really help. It's getting the composure for whatever reinvention needs to be done. Bridging what happened and what's going to happen on the show, it requires sometimes taking wrong turns before it comes together." With just a few months to go for the fall premiere, it sure looks like Homeland season 7 will premiere in January 2018.

Homeland season 7 plot:

Alex Gansa has shared some "big ideas" for the upcoming season of Homeland. He told Deadline, "We have some big ideas but we are just at the very beginning of that process. We don't really even know where we're going to be shooting the last two seasons. We don't know what story we're going to be telling, whether we're going to be telling a Russian story or an Israeli story or an American story. We're in that real fun, gestating period."

Homeland season 7
Rupert Friend's character Peter Quinn died in Homeland season 6 finale Showtime

Another big revelation that came from Gansa about season 7 plot was that Carrie will return to CIA. He teased to Variety, "One thing I can tell you about next season is that we have to get Carrie back into the intelligence business. She's been out of it for two years. It's time for her to return. We have to construct some sort of narrative to allow that to happen."

Rupert Friend, whose character Quinn has been killed off in season 6 finale, spoke about season 7. He told Variety: "I guess I can watch it again. I haven't been watching it since I've been on. I'm excited to see what they do. Maybe they'll be bringing some new blood." With no Quinn and Carrie' romance to root for, maybe season 7 will bring a new love interest for Carrie?

Although there is scarce information, but one could speculate that season 7 will deal with the fallout from season 6 with President Keane's suspicious motives and Carrie coming to terms with Quinn's death. Also, Saul, who was arrested, has to make a triumphant comeback to help his protégé.