Gay couple
A same-sex couple were verbally abused by a bus driver in Glasgow on Friday, 10 June LIONEL BONAVENTURE/Getty

A same-sex couple had been verbally abused by a bus driver in Glasgow on Friday, 10 June. The driver, who has not been named, had allegedly swore at the two 20-year-old men, saying "people like you shouldn't be on this f***ing bus", as they boarded the number 3 bus from Neilston to Glasgow McGill's bus in Pollock on 10 June. "Hurry up and sit the f**k down"

The couple, David and Ian, who declined to release their last names, were stunned by the driver's behaviour and sat in silence during their journey, but said they challenged the driver as they got off the bus. The driver reportedly told the gay couple that they were banned from travelling on any services run by his employers, McGill's

The couple said that the same driver refused to let them on the same bus route a few days later. "I can't believe someone can be so abusive, and that two people have to be subjected to such vile comments when doing as something as simple as stepping onto a bus," David told the Daily Record

Police Scotland told the BBC they were investigating an alleged homophobic incident.

A spokeswoman for McGill's said: "We can confirm that on the 17th June a 46-year-old man was arrested in connection with an alleged offence under section 38 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing Act 2010 which is alleged to have occurred in Peat Road, in Pollok, on June 10. A report will be sent to the procurator fiscal."

"We do not accept discrimination of any sort from any employees. An investigation into this alleged incident is underway."

Earlier this week, Emirates Airlines staff humiliated a gay couple and their son in Dubai, despite travelling with the couple's marriage certificate as well as the birth and adoption certificates for their son.

In February 2015, Stephen and John Devaney, who have been civil partners since 2006, were turned away from their desired wedding venue. Suzanne Cottom, owner of Scottish wedding venue Loch Lomond Waterfront, reportedly told the couple, "We can't allow people like you here."